Health Lifestyle Brands & Copperstate Farms Declare Their Joint Venture, Grand Cannabis Co.

Health Lifestyle Brands & Copperstate Farms Declare Their Joint Venture, Grand Cannabis Co.

Copperstate Farms Management LLC and Healthy Lifestyle Brands LLC announced their joint venture Grand Cannabis Co. This new partnership deal focuses on developing life-style driven marijuana products that will cater to the many diverse needs of a much broader consumer market.

Co-founder and managing director of Coppestate Farms stated that the company looks forward to expanding its retail options with revolutionary marijuana brands. These offerings will be primarily in Arizona, with a goal to create a nationwide appeal.

According to the Arizona Department of Revenue, the state combined cannabis sales totaled over $1.23 billion in the first 11 months in 2021, which is way more than Colorado’s initial recreational cannabis sales, totaling $684 million in 2014.

The Grand Cannabis Co. is an endeavor that combines industry-leading cultivation and manufacturing capabilities with Copperstate Farms, along with Healthy Lifestyle Brand’s superior product development, consumer marketing, and health and wellness expertise.

Copperstate Farms was established in 2016 and is the number one marijuana wholesaler in Arizona and the largest marijuana greenhouse in the U.S at 40 acres.

Recently, the company built a new hydrocarbon lab at their location in Snowflake, Arizona, and Copperstate Farms can double its production capabilities to up to 80 acres.

Also, Copperstate Farms is the parent company responsible for the retail dispensary concept for Sol Flower. This includes a wellness classroom and a public-facing cafe. The multifunctional dispensary brands have locations all over Arizona, including Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sun City.

President of Healthy Lifestyle Brands, Jeff Willard, stated how excited their company is to partner with Copperstate farms and bring a brand new level of wellness to the marijuana products they provide their consumers.

Chief Medical Officer Tierona Low Dog, M.D. explains that the company also believes it’s time for them to advance further the conversation of the beneficial healing effects of marijuana, such as helping with sleep.

Established back in 2001, Healthy Lifestyle Brands has been providing brand incubation and product innovation resources to better scale opportunities inside the health and wellness space while primarily focusing on the growth of celebrity brands.

The company is developing a wide variety of science-based consumer products by working with reliable talent. This includes Dr. Low Dog, who happens to be one of the leading authorities in the herbal and botanical medical space.

Grand Cannabis Co. has recently re-launched Arizona marijuana brand Good Things Coming, enabling them to expand their premium product offering and include high-quality cartridges and pre-rolls and the brand’s award-winning top-tier edibles.

Therefore, expect Good Things Coming to stock up on many plastic jars wholesale. Good Things Coming will also be introducing other new products in quarter one of 2022 and later.

They also plan to launch a new state-focused brand in quarter three of 2022 that will be designed to sleep better and address other common wellness discrepancies. Launch like this is beneficial for further growth in the cannabis industry.

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