High Tide Inc. Completes The Acquisition Of DHC Supply LLC

High Tide Inc. Completes The Acquisition Of DHC Supply LLC

High Tide Inc., a retail-focused cannabis corporation enhanced by the manufacturing and distribution of consumption accessories, adds another top e-commerce platform to its portfolio. They have just completed the acquisition of DHC Supply LLC operating as Daily High Club. The company’s portfolio will now include three out of the top five most popular e-commerce platforms for consumption accessories globally, totaling 91 million site visits in 2020, including 23 million associated with Daily High Club alone.

High Tide adds a company to its portfolio with proven brand equity — Daily High Club has over 1 million smoking accessories sold, almost 800,000 followers on Instagram, over 75,000 followers on TikTok, and 15,000-plus subscription box members.

In addition, Daily High Club CEO Harrison Baum has joined the High Tide team as Director of Digital Marketing. Baum will oversee all social media initiatives for High Tide globally. High Tide granted 13,333 stock options to Baum, exercisable at CAD$9.39 per High Tide share for a period of three years.

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