Montana Proposes Social Media Restrictions For Cannabis Industry

Montana Proposes Social Media Restrictions For Cannabis Industry

Overseeing both the adult-use and the medical cannabis industry in the state, the Montana Department of Revenue has proposed draft rules for industry advertising.

“We’re already limited on things we can say, images that we can use, the way websites are accessed, signage on your buildings, and all this stuff. … they’re basically taking it down another level to make it even harder than it already is,” said J.J. Thomas, owner of the dispensary chain the Higher Standard. 

The rules would prohibit Cannabis companies from advertising on TV, radio, in newspapers, or on social media. Additionally, companies would have to take “appropriate measures” to ensure people under 21-years-old could not access websites. Companies would be allowed just two outdoor signs –limited to 11 square feet or smaller– which would be required to include disclaimers about the risk of cannabis use. 

Additional proposed restrictions would prohibit:

  • Offering promotional items
  • Sponsoring charitable events or sports
  • Advertising on billboards
  • Use of banners or flags as outdoor signs, which would have to be attached to a building or permanent structure.

The rules are not final, and the agency will be taking public comments for the next several weeks.

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