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Montana Revises Restrictive Rules For Cannabis Ads

Montana Revises Restrictive Rules For Cannabis Ads

Montana regulators have revised the state’s cannabis advertising rules following an outcry from the industry over the heavy-handed restrictions.

Montana’s proposed restrictions for marijuana advertisements —strict sign size limits, placards with a warning about the plant’s habit-forming potential — or a more drastic proposal to ban dispensary advertising altogether have been revised by Montana’s Department of Revenue.

Pepper Petersen, Montana Cannabis Guild’s President and CEO, said the Guild had been prepared to sue the DOR to block the restrictions.

Now, warnings on the signs are no longer required. Dispensaries can only specifically advertise cannabis products in online ads. Cannabis-related websites are required to include a “21 and Older” question to enter. Social media accounts must be private and also require followers to be 21 and older. Dispensaries will still have to comply with local sign ordinances.

“[The old rules] were a radically conservative interpretation of the law,” said Petersen. “These are a lot more reasonable. They have addressed a lot of our concerns.”

Montana is still on schedule to open its adult-use cannabis system by January 1, 2022. Montanans have until September 20 at 5:00 pm to comment on the new guidelines.

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