Nevada Adds Education Program To Prepare Students For Marijuana Lounges

Nevada Adds Education Program To Prepare Students For Marijuana Lounges

Las Vegas, Nevada, has implemented a new education course to help workers in the cannabis industry prepare for the state’s latest venture: marijuana lounges. The University of Nevada, Reno, has dozens of students enrolled in its new marijuana education program, which includes four tracks, each lasting six months, providing a certificate in Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine, Cannabis Law and Policy, the Business of Cannabis, and Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture.

Max Simon of Green Flower, the University’s cannabis education program partner, said, “Nevada’s cannabis market is growing exceptionally fast.” He added, “It’s creating a need for high quality, well-trained people to service these businesses.” The state legislature gave the okay to marijuana lounges this year with aims to launch mid-2022.

Per the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board, there are 16,000 employees licensed to work in the cannabis industry in Nevada. The number is anticipated to increase by the hundreds and thousands as myriads of retail businesses have piqued interest in creating marijuana lounges. Marijuana lounges would be great for the state in terms of bringing in residential and tourism revenue.

Everyone from regular consumers to novices alike can hit the bong and enjoy themselves at a cannabis lounge. Simon said, “Cannabis is remarkably complex,” continuing that, “That’s one of the ways the training helps, prepares people to be good stewards of cannabis service and support. Cannabis is a highly regulated industry.”

Adding this education program will allow folks that want to get into the marijuana industry the proper certifications to start their dream career. This program is a fantastic step in a positive direction for the cannabis culture and the state of Nevada. Other states, such as Florida, also boast revolutionary cannabis education programs, indicating the ever-growing interest of the public to become involved in the burgeoning industry in meaningful and impactful (not to mention fruitful) ways.

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