Nevada Athletic Commission Stops Disqualifying Athletes From Pro Fights For Cannabis Use

Nevada Athletic Commission Stops Disqualifying Athletes From Pro Fights For Cannabis Use

As the year pushes on, more and more cannabis reform initiatives are being enacted. Big changes are happening right now in Nevada’s fight scene. On July 7th, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) voted to stop punishing fighters who test positive for cannabis. The new policy went into effect immediately, although it’s not retroactive for the prior cannabis-related cases that have yet to be ruled on.

With the NSAC being one of the biggest boxing and MMA regulators in the world, they now join the Florida State Boxing Commission, which also discontinued reprimanding fighters for the use of marijuana. This is a great step in the right direction, as Nevada is a cannabis-friendly state where recreational adult-use is legal. Dispensaries in Las Vegas are packed full of marijuana and cannabis supplies, and now fighters will be able to partake without worrying about disqualification. While the Nevada commission will still be testing for cannabis, it is said to be specifically for data purposes.

After six months, they will make a formal decision on whether or not there will be continued testing for marijuana for the sake of data purposes. NSAC’s chairman Stephen J. Cloobeck had some words for ESPN saying, “We should always be at the forefront of these issues. I believe it’s warranted and merited since it is legal in this state. I think we need to jump forward, being the lead as we’ve always been.”

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