New Jersey Councilman Is Refusing Appointment To Cannabis Committee

New Jersey Councilman Is Refusing Appointment To Cannabis Committee

Cannabis might be officially legal for recreational use in New Jersey but unfortunately, certain council members in the state are working against the possibilities of purchasing a good ol’ bag of flower from a local dispensary. Reports claim Toms River councilman Daniel Rodrick has rejected his appointment in a cannabis committee that would open up the possibility for recreational sales.

Council President Kevin Geoghegan appointed Rodrick, a firm opponent of legal marijuana sales, and pro-legal cannabis Councilwoman Laurie Huryk, to the committee. The committee also includes police officers, substance abuse counselors, and residents, along with consultants, to discuss how Toms River should move towards the recreational market. This includes rules surrounding cannabis sales, marijuana packaging, and more.

“I was never asked to be on this committee and I will not serve on this committee,” said Rodrick before accusing Geoghegan of violating the Sunshine Law by appointing members of the cannabis committee during an executive session. He added that his addition to the committee was “an illegal act.”

“If you wanted me to serve on the committee, you wouldn’t have done it behind closed doors,” he said. “It is a violation of the Sunshine Law. I vote ‘no.’ I will not participate.”

“We actually had a meeting of the land use committee,” Huryk said in response. “We determined who should be on the committee at that meeting.”

New Jersey residents have already voted 63.7% in favor of cannabis legalization during the November ballot. However, the council attempted to ban the sales, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis in the municipality. An overwhelming amount of blowback from the public against a local ordinance prompted council members to explore the options for legal cannabis businesses.

The committee currently has to create recommendations for the council by a meeting that’s set to be held on July 13th. However, municipalities must decide by August to pass a bylaw banning or creating regulations for cannabis companies.

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