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New Mexico’s Recreational Cannabis Laws Are Now In Effect

New Mexico’s Recreational Cannabis Laws Are Now In Effect

Smoking cannabis is still an anxiety-inducing experience in some places. Harsh penalizations and police enforcement of anti-marijuana laws have done nothing but harm to America’s core, especially in Black and Brown communities that were disproportionately targeted in the war on drugs. Progress is taking place, though, with more and more states across the country joining the green wave and understanding that there’s no harm in lighting up some blunt wraps every once in a while.

In New Mexico, the recent legalization of recreational cannabis is finally in effect. On Tuesday, June 29th, the state finally put into effect new laws that allow residents to grow, consume and possess cannabis for those aged 21 and up. Residents can publicly carry up to two ounces of cannabis or 16 grams of extract, or 800 milligrams of edibles but more inside of their house as long as it isn’t publicly visible.

According to, licenses for cannabis sales won’t be available until April 1st, 2022. Unfortunately, that means there’s no way to obtain cannabis legally since transactions are illegal. Plus, it’s still prohibited to cross state lines, even in places where it’s legal, to bring cannabis home.

The good news is that growing cannabis in your home is legal. Adults can grow up to 12 plants in their homes without having a permit, given that it isn’t for sales purposes.

The new law also prohibits police officers from stopping or detaining people simply for the smell of weed unless they’re driving in a vehicle.

As for lighting up a fat joint out in the open, it remains illegal to smoke cannabis publicly in New Mexico. However, these laws are bound to change as the statewide cannabis industry develops and evolves. The state will be issuing licenses for “cannabis consumption areas” in the future. Until then, it will be a $50 civil penalty for breaking the law.

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