The New York State Fair Will Be 420-Friendly For The First Time

The New York State Fair Will Be 420-Friendly For The First Time

New York’s new cannabis law means marijuana is allowed wherever tobacco is allowed – even at the New York State Fairgrounds.

“It’s my understanding in the statute it says anywhere where you’re legally allowed to smoke cigarettes you’re also allowed to smoke marijuana,” said fair director Troy Waffner in a news release published by Spectrum News1. “On the fairgrounds, we have no-smoking policies in place in certain areas. But in general, the fairgrounds, you can smoke on them.”

“I actually think that’s great,” said fairgoer April Stec. “I think it’s a plant and it’s been used for medicinal purposes for years. I think having it legalized federally would be amazing for humans because I personally don’t agree with the pharmaceutical industry,” she continued.

Marissa Mejia and her family, who travel to the fair from The Bronx, said “I’ve been around places where I could smell it and it’s just like the worst smell ever, and I would prefer to not have my kids around that. I know some people use it for medicinal purposes… but if it’s more of a recreational thing I would prefer for people to just not do it here [at the fair].” Clearly, there are differing opinions on the fair’s decision, but it looks like NY law will win out on this occasion.

“I don’t necessarily think that it’s going to like drive up or down attendance that people can use it here,” Stec said. “But maybe some people would be more apt to come if they have health ailments.” Waffner says the few who seem to be smoking marijuana at the fair are respectful about it, at least, so hopefully, every attendee can be happy.

“As for tobacco use,” reports the news release, “smoking is not allowed in buildings under cover, any picnic areas, at the Kiddieland, midway, the grassy area of Chevy Court, at the veterans and 9/11 memorials, or within the State Park at the Fair.”

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