Ever since the 60's movements and the "hippy era", the Bay Area has had the reputation of being the mecca for medical marijuana. Now an organization known as the Berkeley Patients Group is claiming to have the oldest legal marijuana business in the U.S. This Halloween, the San Pablo Avenue Dispensary turns 15 years old which is 5 years older than any other dispensary in San Francisco. To many looking in from the outside, this may not seem like such a heroic feat, but taking into consideration the fact that marijuana is still illegal on a Federal Level, and that the Federal Justice Department has been trying to close this particular dispensary down for the past three years, this could only have been done with elements greater than luck. Timing, support from politicians, and an exceptional lawyer have been keys to success for the dispensary, who's main objective from day one has been to treat sick patients. For More Information: http://www.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2014/10/29/berkeley-has-americas-oldest-marijuana-dispensary    
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