Are You Ready for 420? We’re Here to Help

Are You Ready for 420? We’re Here to Help
420 blog banner   It’s “the Black Friday of the cannabis industry.” If you’re expecting to be busy – expect to be busier. It’s the one day a year that can make or break a fledgling cannabusiness. Yes, it’s that time once again: 420. The good news is that this year is projected to be the most colossal 420 on record with more recreational shops in business than ever before. But that good news can quickly melt into a sticky puddle of bad news if you’re not adequately prepared for the 420 juggernaut. Luckily, we’re here to help you and your business have a better 420 than ever before. And we know that can be a tall order!

Industry Tips-and-Tricks

We’ve talked with some top industry insiders from thriving dispensaries and shops to help you with tips and tricks straight from their top secret 420 playbooks. We’ll be publishing these tips regularly on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow us and reap the benefits of the industry veterans: Follow Us On Facebook Here!

One-Time 15% Off Promo Code

We also want to make sure you’ve got everything you (and your customers) need so we’re offering a special, one-time 15% off promo code as our 420 gift to you: PROMO CODE: HAPPY 420

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Limited Time Offers

We’re also rounding up some of our best sellers for a cornucopia of limited time offers that we’ll be unveiling leading up to the big day so watch our home page to take advantage of some major savings! Your success is our success. Let’s make this the best 420 ever… together!  

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