Even though New York state has taken steps necessary to make medical marijuana legal in the state, small businesses shouldn't expect to make money from it. Many of the obstacles surrounding medical marijuana are derived from laws that make gaining access to marijuana licensing close to winning the lottery. The state is expected to allow 5 growers licenses , with limits of each grow operation to only 4 dispensaries each. Growers competing for licensing will have to show proof of a $2 million bond in order to qualify. To sum it up nicely, only established medical marijuana businesses will be able to gain access to licensing given the strict protocols and high standards associated with legalization, which dampers the hopes of small businesses looking to get into the action. Since only 5 growers will be allowed to grow in the state, only 20 dispensaries will be allowed to operate in a limited area of 55,000 square miles. Many feel like 20 dispensaries are too few of a number given the needs of medical patients in the state. Charlotte's Web, a medical marijuana strain known for treating epilepsy, would not be allowed in the state, since that would go against New York law prohibiting transportation of cannabis across state lines. Strict policies such as these and others written into New York marijuana policy, will once again prove that medical marijuana business is being strangled by a system of elitism and control, even though strides are being taken to decriminalize a once criminal (still criminal on a Federal Level) plant. For More Information: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/29/medical-marijuana-business-new-york
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