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Boston Approves First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Boston Approves First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
In a report by the Boston Globe, Patriot Care Corp. has been named Boston's first medical marijuana dispensary, after state health officials approved of the highly valued license this past Friday(11/7/14). The approved dispensary set to be located near Downtown Crossing in Boston, will be one of three provisionally approved dispensaries, all given to the same marijuana company. Other medical marijuana dispensaries that were also granted permission to operate include Coastal Compassion in Fairhaven and MassMedicum in Taunton. Despite setbacks in the licensing process stemming from the company director's false claim on a licensing application, New England Treatment Access was also approved for locations in Brookline and Northhampton. Not everyone is as enthralled for receiving their licensing approvals as New England Treatment Access however. Many Brookline residents in the surrounding area where the new company's dispensary is expected to be located are taking an unforgiving tone when reflecting on the past mistakes of the New England Treatment Access's company director, who had previously lied on an application stating that he was a college graduate when in fact he was not. “It undermines the whole process that someone can lie on the application and, for reasons that aren’t clear, be reconsidered,” said Gordon Bennett, a Brookline resident, to Boston Globe. Despite a few setbacks and minor ill sentiments regarding the licensing process it appears as though Massachusetts is well on it's way to solidifying a stable network of marijuana dispensaries in it's approved districts. To many dispensary owners, such as Coastal Compassion's president Tim Keogh points out , success will be measured by satisfied patients in their proximity. “I want to assure the town of Fairhaven and the local community that our top priority is the safety of the patients and the public and we pledge to work transparently throughout the process.” For information on medical marijuana dispensary supplies be sure to visit:

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