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Can Marijuana Make You A Better Bodybuilder?

Can Marijuana Make You A Better Bodybuilder?
bodybuildingMarijuana and bodybuilding aren't typically synonymous with one another unless you're Arnold. Following his sixth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1975, Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated in epic fashion, by blazing a now infamous joint, eating fried chicken and sipping champagne, all while glued to a couch. Not exactly the visual you'd expect from a superior, world class caliber athlete such as himself, but even angels fall from grace once in a while. To the chagrin of skeptics, Arnold arose from his non-existent hangover the next day, still intact with his wits and legendary muscular physique. bodybuilding-and-marijuana Up until recently, marijuana users in the bodybuilding industry have fallen under the all too familiar category of stoner stereotype, oftentimes, being mislabeled as lethargic, overweight, do-nothings, not fit for making real muscle gains of any substantial significance in the gym. Fortunately however, a new breed of fitness fanatic not afraid to debunk the "marijuana makes you lazy" myth, have voiced revised approaches in adding cannabis to their daily gym regiments and workout routines, demonstrating not only that marijuana and bodybuilding can be enjoyed simultaneously, but also that one can compliment the other.

Artemus Dolgin's Recent Bodybuilding Video

Artemus Dolgin isn't your average bodybuilder. Championing poses as the cover athlete for Golden Aesthetics, the thirty one year old, 200 pound renaissance bodybuilder explained via a recent YouTube video how his regular cannabis use doesn't interfere with his bodybuilding prerogative, but rather, enhances his workouts. [embed][/embed] Artemus Dolgin's Main Points From Marijuana and Bodybuilding
  • Based on Dolgin's "research" marijuana effects the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA), a network of endocrine glands in the body controlling stress and regulating body functions such as mood, digestion, immunity, and sexuality just to name a few. However, HPA is only responsible for 5% of testosterone production and only hinders it for 24 hours, thus, making marijuana's effects on testosterone minuscule.
  • When bodybuilding, Dolgin suggests sticking to sativa based strains of cannabis and limiting indica based strains, unless your willpower can overcome indica's side effects of being lazy, lethargic, and sleepy. Avoiding stereotypical munchies like foods saturated in sugars and fats is also mentioned compared to lean, high protein foods such as lamb, fish, chicken, and steaks which is recommended.
  • Dolgin rarely smokes after an intense workout and suggests smoking prior to working out as it helps him with staying focused, creative, energetic, and "in the zone."
  • Rather than smoking from glass pipes or rolling papers, Dolgin appreciates the healthy aspects of marijuana vaporizers, especially for the sake of his lungs, but admits he has "hood" tendencies in preferring the occasional blunt wrap. Due to his strict bodybuilding regiment, Dolgin avoids edibles and advocates smoking or vaping as alternatives.
If you haven't checked out the video above, and are into bodybuilding, don't miss out!

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