Cannabis Cures Cancer According to Yet Another Study

Cannabis Cures Cancer According to Yet Another Study


Cannabis Cures Cancer According to Yet Another Study

Sep 10, 2015
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Cannabis-Cures-Cancer-Studies It’s long been debated by marijuana-enthusiasts that cannabis cures cancer. Lately, those championing the medical benefits of marijuana were given some unexpected support by the U.S. government by way of the National Cancer Institute when the organization admitted that cannabis cures cancer. Now marijuana is being speculated as a form of bladder cancer treatment at the conclusion of an 11-year research project financially backed by the U.S. government.

The National Cancer Institute Puts it in Writing

On July 16th, theNational-Cancer-Institute-States-Cannabis-Kills-Cancer U.S. Department of Health’s National Cancer Institute updated their page on cannabis and cannabinoids to include the language “cannabinoids may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.” Information reinforcing that cannabis cures cancer is peppered throughout the National Cancer Institute’s updated report, including text that explains cannabinoids were found to “kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells” as discovered by laboratory testing. It’s even been explained in detail that cannabis cures cancer through a potential mix of anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the production of cancer cells, closing off blood vessels that would then reduce the swelling of tumors, and relieving muscle convulsions. The conclusion that marijuana cures cancer stands in contrast to the U.S. government’s intention in funding their study. When the government financially supported the tests, the aim was to determine that marijuana offers “no accepted medical use.”

New Evidence that Cannabis Cures Cancer

Breast-Cancer-Cells-Killed-by-Cannabis This week, the National Cancer Institute revealed further findings that strengthen the fact that cannabis cures cancer. The findings emerged from a study that surveyed 82,050 men varying in socioeconomic standards and age over the course of 11 years. The focus of the study was to determine whether there was any association between tobacco use, marijuana use, and bladder cancer. When the National Cancer Institute’s research team caught up with their survey group 11 years later, they found results indicating that cannabis users were an astounding 45% less likely to be stricken by bladder cancer. Data showing that tobacco users were at greater risk of developing bladder cancer than cannabis users added further contrast to the National Cancer Institute’s lengthy 11-year surveillance. On a statistical level, this data on its own is not necessarily proof that cannabis cures cancer. Yet when paired with the National Cancer Institute’s other studies, it can be seen to offer additional support to the proof that marijuana cures cancer.

Earlier Testing Produced Similar Results

cannabis-combats-bladder-cancer-studies-find The National Cancer Institute isn’t the first team to research whether cannabis cures cancer of the bladder. In 2013, a South California Permanente Medical Group urologist shared test results that alluded to cannabis as an effective bladder cancer treatment. Dr. Anil Thomas presented findings that illustrated 0.4% of surveyed men who had not used marijuana developed bladder cancer while only 0.3% of cannabis users contracted the disease. This may seem like a marginally small amount to make the claim that cannabis cures cancer, but those privy to Dr. Thomas’s presentation agreed that the numbers were “statistically significant.” Further testing will inevitably be developed to further question whether cannabis cures cancer as the concrete results settle in with a society that, until recently, viewed marijuana with the utmost taboo. In light of the National Cancer Institute’s acknowledgement of marijuana’s cancer-killing properties, two cannabis medications have already found FDA approval.
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