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Cannabis E-Cigarette's Take on the Marijuana Market

In a report by Tech Times, an Oklahoma based e-cigarette company named Palm Beach Vapors has been developing a cannabis oil, which will be used in their latest prototype for their cannabis e-cig. Instead of doing all of the dirty work, such as buying, selling, and shipping marijuana, Palm Beach Vapors insists that it will only be licensing their proprietary blend of cannabis extracts to would be dispensaries who see value in their emerging product. Even though marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma, CEO and founder Chip Paul has been optimistic concerning legalization in other states as well as upcoming elections for Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, and California. Paul and his party of advocates are preparing a petition in August 2015 that will legalize marijuana in Oklahoma and hopefully end doubts concerning the legitimacy of his company in the marijuana industry. Until then, Paul and Palm Beach Vapors are expected to go through a patenting process concerning the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, as only time will tell if his efforts to bring Palm Beach Vapors from the fringes to full on legalization will be in triumph or vain.    
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Linda - December 7, 2018

I am 65, female and married to my best friend. I became trapped in an endless list of doctors wanting to cut into me. Over the years from 1995-2002 I had 8 failed spine surgeries developed degenerative disc disease and I livr with Chronic Pain. I have been on hundreds of opiates and muscle relaxers. I hate the the the drugs treat my body. I started smoking pot sometime after my 50th birthday. I now have an educated palate and I require a higher dose. I vape and eat edibles, make butter and love cheeba chews.

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