Cannabis Terpenes Are Now Being Orchestrated to Deliver Specific Experiences

Cannabis Terpenes Are Now Being Orchestrated to Deliver Specific Experiences
Cannabis Terpenes Are Now Being Orchestrated to Deliver Specific Experiences Whether you’re vaping, smoking or eating cannabis, you’re typically doing so with a specific effect in mind. Maybe you want to ease anxiety or possibly you’re trying to loosen up a bit before a Saturday night out. Besides choosing between medical and recreational, there are a slew of varying effects that you might be chasing with different degrees of success depending on the strain you choose. Consistency is something that eludes many of us, even when we stay loyal to a specific strain. Though no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, the wrong strain can still leave us feeling out of sorts, panicked or even feeling good but just not the kind of good we were expecting. Microdosing can provide a bit of a safety net if the experience is different than we had imagined but this still doesn’t give us control over the actual direction of the effects. An innovative company called Lucid Mood is using cannabis terpenes to change that and may redefine the trajectory of the marijuana industry in the process.

“Cannabis 2.0”?

cannabis terpenes are orchestrated for specific reactions with lucid mood pens
Lucid Mood started in 2015 with the idea to isolate specific terpenes and cannabinoids and then use neuroscientific data and studies to orchestrate them in such a way as to elicit a deliberate mood or reaction. Charles Jones of Lucid Mood recently explained to Matthew Kind on the Cannainsider podcast that they view their product as “representing a new category and, in fact, many in the industry do as well. New Frontier Data, for example, calls what we’ve done Cannabis 2.0.” For years, the idea of tailor-made cannabis experiences has been bandied around in conversation but has Lucid Mood actually achieved it? It all depends on what you’re looking to gain from your experience but most accounts point to Lucid Mood living up to their brand name.

One to One

If you’re into the extremity of dabs or like to get utterly faded, Lucid Mood may not really be your thing. But if you enjoy the functionality of microdosing though want a little more guidance, you’ll likely be impressed. The Lucid Mood pens adhere to a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD backing a concoction of terpenes in a solution of essential oils, resulting in a relatively light psychoactive response. However, the concentration of cannabis terpenes together with the precision blend steers the reaction to a focused point. Likewise, the even ratio of CBD to THC helps to level out any unwanted side effects associated with THC. This is the major reason why Lucid Mood does so well among those new to the joys of recreational cannabis and tourists looking for boosts to their moods without much commitment. Flavorful hits are yet another factor in the pens’ appeal as well as fragrant plumes thanks to the concentration of the terpenes. The aroma is quite a distance from what is typically associated with marijuana, adding to the product’s inconspicuousness.

Cannabis Terpenes with Convenient Design

many terpenes in addition to cannabis terpenes used to create lucid mood experience
While Lucid Mood products began as hemp pucks saturated with the solution, the model has been improved into that of a discrete pen comparable in size to a cigarette. Rather than rely on colorful strain names that provide little information about the effects, these pens are named after their intended reactions. For example, the Wellness line includes Relief, Sleep, Calm, Focus and Lift while the Play line offers up Party, Energy, Chill, Bliss and Relax. Notice that there’s no Existential Crisis line featuring Paranoia, Lethargy, Ravenous or Anxious. Lucid Mood vape pens are designed to be as user friendly as possible to snag first timers or those with very minimal vaping experience. It’s recommended that users engage in short “sips” as opposed to deep draws and the pen is even designed to automatically shut off after 5 seconds to guide usage. Sips result in better flavor from the terpenes and a smoother hit.

UPDATE: So What If You're Into Flower?

The focus on mood is not exclusive to liquids. A sterling example can be found in the flower products of Canndescent, who rose to become the best selling cannabis brand in California. Canndescent doesn't use strain names to sell it's herb but rather titles that indicate their products' intended effects. The high end flower is divided into 5 categories: Calm, Charge, Connect, Create or Cruise. So how do they manage to pinpoint these intended effects? Canndescent uses state-of-the-art liquid and gas chromatograph technology to get readings on the flowers' cannabinoid and terpene profiles. It may not be as fine tuned a process as the terpene-focused products of Lucid Mood but, if California consumers are any indicator, Canndescent flower still does what it says it's going to do. Currently, Lucid Mood pens are available at select locations in Colorado, Oregon, Maryland, Rhode Island and California but have plans to ambitiously expand. Though the company may not have been the first to contemplate the idea of a tailor-made cannabis experience, they are likely the closest to success on the market. As more companies turn their attentions and efforts to better utilizing cannabis terpenes, Lucid Mood will likely maintain their spot as an innovator for some time while showing those on the fence about marijuana use that it shouldn’t be a daunting experience.  

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