Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With A Medical Marijuana Card

Chelsea Handler Celebrates Her 40th Birthday With A Medical Marijuana Card
chelsea handler bday On the eve of her birthday, Chelsea Handler, known mostly for her popular t.v. show that ran from 2004 up until last year, decided to do something that she's been planning to do for the past 10 years.....get her California medical marijuana card. The former Chelsea Lately host took to Twitter this past Tuesday, to show legal proof that she is in fact, a marijuana advocate of her word. "I'm a legal marijuaner," Chelsea Tweeted. "Just in time for my 40th bday tomorrow. Now I just need a lighter." B-pb9h8UsAAFPlE   This  definitely wasn't the first time that Handler had been contemplating the legal uses of cannabis. In an interview from 2011, Handler discussed marijuana with Roseanne Barr on Chelsey Lately, regarding the uses of it for recreation as well as medical. Barr: Well, you know, for most of my life I had a chronic addiction to marijuana and then the doctors gave me a medicinal marijuana prescription in order to treat it, so I'm really doing good. Yeah, it's really working for me. Handler: Those prescriptions are great. Barr: Well, it's such a great drug, I mean it really helps a lot of people who have a lot of problems. It's not just, like, you know, to go out and get crazy, but I mean it's a real medicine. Handler: Well, it absolutely is a real medicine and sometimes it's not a medicine at all, but you need to be doing it.(Yahoo News)  B-tp-PAUEAAw_Mg It's not known if Chelsea used her best vape pen or her favorite water pipe to celebrate her birthday, but she did manage to enjoy herself as shown on her Twitter feed, which included half-nude photos and a random images of people she supposedly woke up next to. Although this seems to be more of a sensationalized publicity stunt rather than an actual need for medical marijuana, it's refreshing to see Chelsea following the advice of Roseanne, even if only for recreational use.

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It’s a shame seeing medical marijuana is caught up in the crossfire with recreational use. I can’t wait for the day it becomes legal everywhere so it can help everyone.

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