marijuana-edibles Colorado health officials have recently proposed a ban that would limit all edible marijuana including candy, cookies, brownies, pizza, etc. to only lozenges and some liquids. The main reason behind this proposed ban is the fact that many marijuana edibles "are naturally attractive to children." Even after lawmakers had already passed legislation that would require marijuana infused drinks and food to have distinct labeling, this new proposal would surpass the strict regulations by not allowing edibles at all. Many pro-marijuana advocates are opposed this new ban saying that it is unconstitutional and goes against the fact that marijuana is legal in states such as Colorado and Washington. "Labeling and packaging are the best and only ways to deal with accidental ingestion," says Joe Jodas, chief marketing officer for Dixie Elixirs. Jodas shares the views of many pro marijuana supporters in the industry who see the proposed ban as a nuisance and injustice toward legalized marijuana.
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