Could the Marijuana Industry Be Bigger Than the NFL?

In a new report by GreenWave Advisors, if the marijuana industry is legalized by the Federal Government in the near future, it could take in as much as $35 Billion in annual revenue by 2020. When compared to other industries such as the NFL, $35 Billion would surpass the annual revenue by nearly three times of the NFL's annual revenues, of the $10 Billion it already receives annually. The idea of full legalization shows promise in the report, and suggests that even with partial legalization increased, the marijuana industry would trump other major industries in revenue. Not only would legalization surpass other industries, but it would also add an estimated $8.7 Billion in additional tax revenue, which would more than help the struggling U.S. Economy. Most of the savings involving marijuana expenditures would come from law enforcement agencies that would no longer need to pursue marijuana related crime. For More Information:
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Cannabis News - December 7, 2018

This may be a bit off topic but I really hope that medical marijuana is legalized nationwide soon. Do you have any other articles specifically about legalization?

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