"Deflowered" Episode Shows How Marines Combat PTSD With Marijuana

"Deflowered" Episode Shows How Marines Combat PTSD With Marijuana


"Deflowered" Episode Shows How Marines Combat PTSD With Marijuana

Oct 22, 2015
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ptsd-medical-marijuana For many American soldiers that have experienced battle in the most hostile of climates, there is oftentimes little solace for them in the war that they must face with themselves when they return home. Being at constant war can have drastic consequences on the human psyche, leading to over 5,000 suicides last year alone from veterans, with an average of 22 vets committing suicide daily at present. These numbers are startling, yet have often gone under reported by mainstream sources as a necessary means, for a war with seemingly no end in sight. ptsd-medical-marijuana-cure Recently however, there have been new media outlets such as Merry Jane’s first episode of “Deflowered”, that sheds light on how some American veterans are fighting their battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), not with M16’s or sting grenades, but with medical marijuana.
The Quest For Alternatives To Non-Effective Treatment
With an interactive website expected to launch this month tailored specially for a tech savvy cannabis community, producer’s Snoop Dogg and Ted Chung’s latest installment of “Deflowered” takes a look at two combat veterans turned marijuana mentors and their decision to use cannabis as an alternative medicine. After witnessing a fellow Marine and his "downward spiral" with non-effective prescription medications as he transitioned from combat to civilian life , Capt. Mike Owen and Sgt. Matt Zeimys describe their marijuana use and how it's the only medicine that truly alleviates their PTSD. Deflowered-with-the-Marines Upon going on a retreat in Ocean Beach, CA, Capt. Mike Owen was introduced to the benefits of medical marijuana use and it's association with other alternative healing practices such as "massage therapy, yoga, reiki , as well as theta healing", and how it's the only medication that he's experienced "that actually has beneficial results."
Taking Control of Mental Health
A breakthrough moment in the interview occurs when Sgt. Matt Zeimys is asked by the interviewer, "Did you feel a sense of empowerment on your own being able to take control of your own mental health?", where he unabashedly  responds with poised reverence, "It's America, I should be able to do that." With well over 20% of American veterans experiencing mental illness according to the American Psychological Association, not to mention the countless others that don't report their illness, this bold statement should strike the heartstrings of those opposing marijuana in America who feel that the 22 veterans, on average, that commit suicide per day is acceptable. Faced with the countless supply of opiates, barbiturates, and other painkillers thanks to the Veteran's Association, that have proven ineffectual for a large percentage of veterans, the Sergeant makes a valid point for medical marijuana being legalized in the "land of the free, and home of the brave."
The "Lighter" Side of Cannabis Use
In the lighter sides of the interview, the former Marines are shown grinding cannabis, smoking from a glass bubbler, and being asked a series of nonserious questions towards the end, such as what their favorite munchies are, sparking the interest of viewers seeking genuine content that's not afraid to be real. glass-bubbler Considering the Hell that these men have been exposed to, it would do America a great disservice for politicians in the next election to allow the heartfelt words spoken in this interview to fall on deaf ears. This interview should be a wake up call to skeptics who are also Patriots, to consider alternative methods of treatment for the ones that have sacrificed everything they could for their country. You can watch the full interview (here) courtesy of Merry Jane.
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Tyler J Barnes

I’m good friends with matty z. Was a squad leader with him in 3/5 kilo. I lost his contact information and can’t find him anywhere. If you know how to get ahold of him or can give him my contact info please do. Tyler Barnes

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