ebola-marijuana As if the headline isn't strange enough, it appears as though the domain name www.Ebola.com, valued at $200,000, was sold to a Russian company interested in expanding in the marijuana industry. According to filings from the SEC, Ebola.com was purchased by Weed Growth Fund for $50,0000 in hard cash and 19,192 shares of Cannabis Sativa stock. Due to the current stock price of Cannabis Sativa, the shares were valued in total at $164,000 meaning that the overall transaction was estimated at $214,000. Just this month, Gary Johnson, CEO of Cannabis Sativa, mentioned that research should be done to determine if marijuana cannabinoids could be used to treat infected Ebola patients. However bogus the claim was to many, it appears as though Cannabis Sativa is putting their money where their mouth is. Here you can see Gary Johnson in an interview with Fox News, where he stands his ground on his position. Publicity stunt or not, it appears that the Russian marijuana related company (Weed Growth Fund) and Cannabis Sativa are on to something, or at the very least are taking pro-active measures to ensure marijuana's viability as a legitimate medicine for even the deadliest of viruses.

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