French Marijuana E-Vaporizer Goes on Sale

French Marijuana E-Vaporizer Goes on Sale


French Marijuana E-Vaporizer Goes on Sale

Dec 17, 2014
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wax vape pen What are the benefits of using marijuana if you can't get a high, you may ask? Many, say the founders of KanaVape, a new French vaporizer that is set to hit the market this month. The French makers of this new vape pen claim that their new product is void of chemicals that can cause the mind-altering effects of being "high", since French law is against the use of cannabis. According to the product's website, the new electronic vape pen was developed by three Frenchman in search of bringing "many of the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotic effect of THC." kana vape Instead of getting you high, the company wants their new product to relax the end user "by using only hemp with 5 percent CBD (Cannabidiol) and no THC." Adding even more value to the product, the producers of the new vape pen  say that their accompanying hemp product is grown organically in the Czech Republic, France, and Spain without the use of commercial chemicals or pesticides. According to the founder of the website, the new vaporizer will be available in mid December in many countries including France.
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This may be slightly unrelated but I really hope that medical marijuana becomes legal nationwide soon. Do you have any other articles specifically about legalization?

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