Growing Weed Takes Focus in Proposed Denver Weedery
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Growing Weed Takes Focus in Proposed Denver Weedery

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Growing Weed Takes Focus in Proposed Denver Weedery

Aug 13, 2015
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Growing-Weed-Takes-Focus-in-Proposed-Denver-Weedery Growing weed is almost a commonplace event in Colorado these days but it seems Green Man Cannabis CEO Christian Hageseth wants to make the art of growing weed an event. He has plans to open a full scale “weedery” in Denver by early 2016. The entrepreneur is pumping $35 million into the weedery in hopes that tourists will walk away with a new appreciation for his favorite plant.

What Happens at a Weedery Besides Growing Weed?

Green-Man-Cannabis-Ranch-Amphitheater-Subject-to-Marijuana-Laws You’ve heard of Busch Gardens, the theme parks built around Anheuser-Busch products. Well, this would maybe be more along the lines of “Bush Gardens” or maybe “Bud Gardens.” But you won’t find any tigers or rollercoasters at Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater. The emphasis remains on growing weed first and foremost. In addition to greenhouses where guests can learn more about growing weed, the weedery will feature a dispensary, gift shop, restaurant, bar and amphitheater for live performances.

Marijuana Laws Constrain the Full Weedery Experience

Green-Man-CEO-Christian-Hageseth-Loves-Growing-Weed Those hoping to partake of the green on weedery grounds may be in for a rude awakening. Standing laws in the state of Colorado will not allow weedery guests to spark up a spliff, though they are welcome to have a drink at the rooftop bar. Hageseth is not blind to the double standard at play and hopes that Colorado’s marijuana laws will change enough to allow weedery patrons to smoke on the grounds. Until those marijuana laws change, the weedery will primarily offer a relaxed educational look at the process of growing weed. While the science behind growing weed may be fascinating to some, it still feels a bit like the offer of a Willy Wonka factory tour where the chocolate is strictly off limits.

The Wonders of the Weedery

So if smoking weed on the premises is out, what exactly does Hageseth have to offer? The CEO believes that when guests witness the process of growing weed firsthand, they’ll be able to experience the same natural poetry that he feels in relation to cannabis. While this may seem like a risky presumption on which to bank $35 million, Hageseth cites visitors to his indoor growing operations and their responses to the majesty of the cannabis garden. Growing weed is truly the entrepreneur’s passion and he believes this can be transferred to the casual observer only through this kind of hands-on experience. His weedery offers a slightly different experience in that guests will be invited to witness the process of growing weed in outdoor greenhouses as opposed to previous visitors to his indoor growing unit. Hageseth is exuGrowing-Weed-in-Green-Man-Cannabis-Ranch-Greenhouseding pure confidence in the public’s interest in his methods of growing weed. In addition to the proposed Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater in Denver, Hageseth is meeting with investors in the hopes of raising $100 million for four additional weederies to follow in quick succession. These weederies would allow tourists in other states, including California, Washington, Nevada, and Massachusetts, to learn more about growing weed in a comfortable, classy establishment. But with current public smoking laws holding firm and federal legalization not exactly imminent, will Hageseth’s efforts amount to a lot of smoke with no fire?
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A Weedery ha. Sounds great. All we have is Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts but lets hope that changes soon.
We have a couple possible ballots questions coming up in 2016. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The idea of Cannabis Tourism is going to be a tough nut to crack. The misconceptions most people have are driven by stoners doing stupid things on Youtube etc. This doesn’t help.

For instance my wife and I where at a ski resort recently. A group of young people were blazing away on a Vap nearby. How many people who walked by made a positive comment? 0. Most of the folks walking by rolled there eyes in disgust.

Hopefully those who really want Marijuana legal will try to lead by example.

Love this site BTW. Bookmarked.

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