Despite the recent failure of Amendment 2 during the marijuana elections in Florida, many Floridians are remaining optimistic in the face of defeat. In retrospect, Florida had one of the toughest constitutional amendment requirements to meet, needing 60% of the overall vote, and barely missed the mark by coming up only 2.5% percent short of that percentage, with 57.5%. Many marijuana businesses, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders alike see the recent setback as only a small hurdle on the road to eventual legalization. Taylor West, deputy director of or the National Cannabis Industry Association told the News Press that "prospects for medical marijuana in Florida are strong, given that so many voted for it." Sentiments like those of West's are being felt across the landscape of the anticipated medical marijuana market in Florida, despite the millions of investment dollars that have either been lost or will have to be put on hold until legalization takes full effect. "It is a good reminder that this is still an industry that involves a lot of risk. Maybe it's not right to pour lots of money into it before it's a legal option," said West to the News Press.  
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