How Does Washington and Colorado Track Marijuana?

How Does Washington and Colorado Track Marijuana?
marijuana-tracking In a recent report from the Statesman Journal, Oregon officials have been contemplating on a new software development that would track marijuana plants from seed to sale. The need for weed software comes at a time when Oregon, poised from the newly passing of Measure 91, has to meet regulatory requirements similar to Washington and Colorado. The first main reason why Oregon needs to track their marijuana was issued directly from the U.S. Department of Justice issued in August of 2013 , known more specifically as the Cole Memo. The Cole Memo is a document laying out the strict criteria for federal prosecutors and law enforcement to follow regarding the the prevention of legally grown marijuana from crossing state borders, being sold to minors, and the use of legal sales to cover illegal activities. The second reason to track pot in Oregon comes from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees marijuana legalization in the state. Since passing Measure 91 the organization is requiring a safe and "sober" approach to how they want to track marijuana legalization throughout the state. To get a better perspective about how marijuana could be potentially tracked in Oregon, the Statesman Journal interviewed BioTrack THC, the company responsible for tracking marijuana in Washington. According to the company's co-CEO Patrick Vo, every plant grown in Washington gets a 16-digit identification number . Next, the flowers, trim, and waste each get their individual identification numbers that relate to a "parent number". This kind of tracking is called "child identifiers". The products that then come from the trim and and flowers of this batch are called "grandchild identifiers" In this process BioTrack THC can track their plants at any point in the product life cycle as well as track whether or not the plants have been tested for things such as mold, mildew, and pesticides. One of the downsides of tracking marijuana in this fashion is the cost. The price for BioTrack THC's software comes at $782,000 while the yearly maintenance and support is estimated at $296,000. Colorado has a similar tracking system in place, but uses a different company. So far, the biggest concerns from all states involved in this tracking process is the price, but only time will tell if Oregon submits to cost concerns or public safety requirements.  

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