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How to Cook Marijuana Infused Meals for "Danksgiving"

How to Cook Marijuana Infused Meals for "Danksgiving"
Well, it's Thanksgiving again, and that means you'll be trying your Aunt Susan's triple cheesecake souffle' whether you like it or not. Rather than risk the chance of being caught blowing a bowl before dinner in the basement, or taking a rip from your vape pen after dinner, why not add some THC to your meal before it even begins? This is exactly what Natalie Martinez suggests, who's an L.A. based chef for the well known DIY marijuana-cooking website called the Stoner's Cookbook. Martinez suggests a couple marijuana infused dishes, especially in the beginning of the meal, can take your munchie game to the next level, just enough to try everyone's meal, not hurt any feelings, and still have room for dessert. “Instead of bringing a bottle of wine, bring an infused dish,” Martinez says to the LA Weekly, “like roasted Brussels sprouts with fingerling potatoes and herbs, tossed in cannabis coconut oil.” Nowadays, with the onset of marijuana legalization, and the gaining acceptance that it is receiving nationwide, there's no excuse not to inform yourself regarding the the wonders of cooking with cannabis. The Stoner's Cookbook provides a plethora of cannabis infused cooking recipes, tips, and pointers for anyone wanting to take their cooking knowledge to the next level. Just one warning, Martinez says, when it comes to having a happy, but not toooooo happy, Danksgiving: “Don’t infuse every single section of your meal!”

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