Juicing-Cannabis-Provides-60-Times-the-CBD-as-Smoking-Weed-Daily On this blog, we’ve discussed a multitude of means of cannabis consumption including smoking, vaping, and eating but we’ve yet to discuss juicing cannabis for drinking. Yes, this is a real thing. But if you’re searching for a new high in getting high, you’re better off chasing the dab wagon because freshly squeezed cannabis juice bypasses all of the psychoactive aspects; bummer for some but just what the doctor ordered for others. While some of you are no doubt thinking that this sounds like a real waste of weed, there are actually quite a few noted benefits of juicing cannabis.

Dr. Courtney’s Magic Juice

use-the-freshest-marijuana-available-when-juicing-cannabis Most of what we know about the splendors of juiced marijuana come to us courtesy of Dr. William Courtney who has used his founding role in the Cannabis International Foundation to shine a scrutinizing light on the health phenomenon. Dr. Courtney has turned thousands of patients on to the health radiance of raw cannabis juice which is said to act as a preventative, whereas heated weed is more of a therapeutic treatment. Of course, this sounds like carnival barker chicanery without any science attached so, without further ado, the science.

Reaching Your Full Daily Dosage of CBD

Did you know that when you’re smoking or even vaping weed, you’re only getting a minute fraction of the dosage of CBD your body can handle on a daily basis? Since juicing cannabis foregoes the psychoactive elements, you can actually achieve the maximum health benefits of a full daily dose of marijuana. Believe it or not, the FDA has determined that the human body can safely handle 600mg/day of CBD. Smoking weed releases THC that takes on the blocking characteristics of a CB1 receptor barricade, meaning you’re consuming approximately 10mg of CBD a day…if you’re lucky. Couple that with the fact that your dispensary weed is often giving you product with less than 1% CBD and it’s virtually impossible to hit that 600 mg/day maximum benefit through smoking or vaping. However, ingesting raw cannabis juice can have you easily hitting that cap.

Opening Up Your Body’s Lines of Communication

Many of us have experienced a lack of communication within our own bodies that makes itself known through illness. If communication to our nervous system is a one-way street, inflammation is often the uncomfortable (if not outright painful) result. Research points to cannabinoids as a solution to this communication problem. Your body’s natural endocannabinoid system exhibits control over your nervous system, immune system, and even skeletal system. Needless to say, miscommunication in these areas can result in some pretty big issues. Drinking cannabis juice can provide needed cannabinoids to your body that keeps the lines of communication open in both directions.

The Full Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

cannabinoids-work-with-the-nervous-system Smoking cannabis distorts the chemical compounds and terpenes in such a manner that the health benefits we’ve begun to associate to cannabis are thrown out of proportion. Drinking raw juiced marijuana doesn’t suffer from this imbalance, providing harmonized anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective qualities. While the cannabinoids are obviously the most prized health asset in marijuana, the raw plant also offers a significant source of iron, calcium, and fiber.

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Juice

Now before you start filling your blender with buds from the dispensary, you should know that juicing cannabis only works when you’re using fresh cannabis (which is why it’s most typically enjoyed by the grow-your-own sect). Any dried and cured buds aren’t going to work. Dr. Courtney suggests a basic recipe of 15 leaves and 2 raw buds per day to achieve the full 600mg dosage. Cutting the juice with a mixer of some sort may be advisable too since the weed juice can have quite a potent flavor. It may even be more convenient for you than smoking or vaping since you can drink the juice like any other type of juice without the psychoactive punch. People have turned the health around by smoking and vaping cannabis so you can imagine the effects of a juice that packs 60 times the dosage of CBD. Juicing weed on the daily can ring up a heavy expense but doctor’s bills aren’t exactly hitting bank accounts with the impact of a feather. If you live in a state that allows you to grow your own cannabis garden, it might be a health routine worth adopting. Who knows; in a few years the saying may change to “A glass of marijuana juice a day keeps the doctor away.”
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Marijuana News

It’s sad seeing medical marijuana is caught in the fight with recreational use. Looking forward to the day it becomes legal everywhere so it can help everyone.



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