Las Vegas Allows 26 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Las Vegas Allows 26 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Midst the scrutiny of of more than a dozen residents that were set to oppose medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas this past Wednesday(10/29/14), council members finally approved the the city's first medical marijuana applicant. This was one of 26 total dispensaries approved by City Council members, more than doubling the number set aside originally by Nevada Regulators. Some well known dispensary owners approved for city marijuana permits include professional poker player Phil Ivey, downtown entrepreneur Michael Cornthwaite,restaurateur Michael Morton, developer James Hammer, former Assemblyman Mark James, political consultant David Thomas . 11 applicants were denied permits due to reasons such as missing paperwork and improper security setup. More dispensary permits are expected to be given out throughout the remainder of the year as this is only the first round of permit hearings. For More Information: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/pot-news/vegas-oks-26-medical-marijuana-dispensaries

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