Marijuana Christmas Tree Lands Mom in Jail

[embed][/embed] It appears as though a mother in Chile won't be having a Merry-juana Christmas this year. In a recent report, 50 year old Angelica Navarro Pereira was arrested on criminal charges when Chilean police found a giant marijuana plant in her living room, which her neighbors claimed, was this year's Christmas tree. merry-juana christmas tree   “Thinking about it, she didn’t invite me in to see her tree,” said neighbor Renato Quinonez Alfaro to RT News. “When I spoke to her yesterday she said her children were going to really enjoy Christmas this year and that she had the best tree in the world. I don’t remember seeing her taking one in. Now I know why.” Once police raided Pereira's home they found a huge cannabis plant, complete with presents at the base, as well as 20 more cannabis plants, $4,000 in hard cash, two handmade shotguns, and 29 bags of other illegal drugs.   “The place was full of drugs. We had been investigating this woman for over a month,” said a police spokesperson to RT News. “We suspected she was involved in trafficking and when we had enough proof we carried out our raid. We expected to find some drugs, but the last thing we expected to see was one of the plants being used as a Christmas tree.” The woman has since been arraigned to appear in court on drug trafficking charges.        

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victoria khan

Ok, so where is this huge plant? If its the one in the video… dare I say, “paleeze, …. someones never seen a huge plant.”

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