Marijuana Election 2014: Marijuana Initiatives High on the Priority List
marijuana-elections-2014 With less than two weeks until Election Day, new marijuana initiatives in 4 states are the ballot and ready to meet their fate. Alaska, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Florida are on all the list for marijuana reform, each with their own unique policies on how they will address cannabis reform in the near future. Alaska's Measure 2
  • Allows adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of and up to six plants.
  • Individual growers can possess the yields from their crops in excess of of one ounce.
  • Legalized smoking/cannabis paraphernalia
  • Regulatory oversight granted to the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board/Marijuana Control Board
  • $50 an ounce excise tax on sales or transfers from growers to retailers
Support this measure: Talk It Up Alaska Donations: Regulate Marijuana In Alaska D.C. Measure 71
  • Adults 21 and over can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and six plants.
  • Plants can only be grown indoors
  • Adults can transfer up to an ounce to other adults with remuneration
  • No taxing from marijuana sales (yet)
  • Legalized smoking/cannabis paraphernalia
Donations: D.C Cannabis Campaign Oregon Measure 91
  • Adults 21 and over can possess up to eight ounces and four plants per household.
  • Individuals can possess up to 16 ounces of marijuana products or 72 ounces of liquid marijuana as well as the transfer of these amounts to other adults for non- commercial use.
  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission would regulate commerce.
  • Marijuana would be taxed at a rate of $35/ounce, $10 per ounce of leaves, and $5 per immature plant (from producers to processor/retailer)
Support: Vote Yes on 91 Florida Amendment 2
  • Marijuana would only be legal for qualified patients
  • Patients much qualify based on specific medical conditions
  • Florida Department of Health would regulate medical marijuana
  • The initiative specifically does not allow the use of medical marijuana by non-qualified patients
Donations: United For Care
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