marijuana for dogs According to the Denver Magazine (5280), a Boulder based business named Cannabis Therapy Corp is capitalizing on the bright idea of bringing cannabis treatment to pets. The new company is proposing a low THC version of hemp-based supplements that will offer your pets relief from nausea, chronic pain, arthritis, and other ailments associated with animals. Charlotte's Web, a form of medical marijuana known for treating epilepsy in small children, has had groundbreaking results in treating the neurological and physiological affects of the disease. Now doctors are betting that the same results can be achieved in animals with different diseases and ailments. “Something that works well for humans can also work well for our animal companions,” says Soren Mogelsvang, CEO of Cannabis Therapy Corp. Mogelsvang holds a Master's degree in plant molecular biology, a PHD in cell biology , and has taught at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. For more information:  
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