overcoming-addiction-with-marijuana The idea of smoking marijuana to overcome addiction may read less like “fighting fire with fire” and more like “out of the frying pan and into the fire”; whatever the case, blazing is involved. But there’s actually a substantial amount of research backing the claim that cannabis can aid in battling addiction to alcohol and harder drugs and, yes, this research goes beyond your roommate who used a glass pipe to help him toss out his last pack of Marlboro’s.

A Drop in Prescription-Related Fatalities

prescription-painkiller-deaths-reduced-marijuana-legalization In 2014, a now-renowned study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that statistically supported a theory that all of the states that had legalized marijuana enjoyed a significant reduction in prescription-related drug fatalities. The data showed a 25% drop in deaths from prescription medication between 1999 and 2010 throughout the 13 states that had opted to legalize marijuana. The co-author of this eye-opening study, Colleen Barry, pointed out that it is highly unlikely (if not outright impossible) for a human to consume a fatal amount of marijuana. This led her and her colleagues to the conclusion that patients in those 13 states were swapping out their prescription painkillers in favor of the far less risky marijuana as a treatment for their ailments, thus dropping the prescription overdose death rate by a full quarter.

The Rehab Clinic Role in Overcoming Addiction

Dr. Andrew Kolodny of Phoenix House, a drug and alcohol rehab organization whose founder openly opposes marijuana legalization, offered a different interpretation of the data. Dr. Kolodny believes that…wait for it…the 25% reduction in prescription-related deaths has nothing to do at all with marijuana legalization and everything to do with progressive attitudes toward recommending rehab clinics. He points out that states that are progressive enough to legalize marijuana are also progressive enough to push rehabilitation clinics to treat addiction. Rehab clinics don’t offer spotless recovery rates so it’s tough to view Dr. Kolodny’s assumptions as holding any more water than Barry’s. However, Barry’s study shows a concrete correlation between states that have legalized marijuana and a decrease in prescription-related overdoses. Dr. Kolodny’s theory is built upon a vague idea, unsupported by statistics, that a legal marijuana state is more likely to promote rehab clinics than a state that upholds marijuana prohibition.

Marijuana: The Exit Drug

exit-drug-marijuana-helping-combat-addiction The 2014 study published in JAMA is not the only research done into the correlation between overcoming addiction and marijuana use. A number of similar studies have been conducted prior to the 2014 study, providing equally supportive results that marijuana use is likely a viable factor in treating addiction to alcohol and harder drugs. Another such study, published in 2014 in Addiction Research & Theory, surveyed over 400 medical cannabis patients in British Columbia. A massive 75% admitted to substituting marijuana for other drugs, whether those be prescription-based pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, or alcohol. Co-author of the study Philippe Lucas describes marijuana as an “exit drug”, the opposite of the gateway drug label so often attached to it, due to its proposed ability to pull people away from other drugs. Supporting the claims of cannabis as an exit drug are statistics from Lucas’ research that showed 68% of those surveyed claiming to have traded in their prescribed drugs in favor of marijuana, 41% opting for weed instead of alcohol, and 36% switching to cannabis to fight their cravings for hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

An NFL Legend’s Battle with Painkillers

jim-mcmahon-medical-marijuana-advocate Just this January, a high profile confession has brought the information of these studies to light again. Football legend and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon credited marijuana for helping him to beat his dependency on prescription painkillers for a multitude of injuries and ailments stemming from his violent days in the NFL. McMahon suffers from early onset dementia, depression, vision and speech impairments, lapses in memory, and chronic headaches. During his brutal 15-year NFL career, McMahon was prescribed a steady diet of painkillers to which he developed an addiction. But things took a turn in 2010 when Arizona, the state in which he resides, legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. McMahon quickly registered for his medical marijuana card. Today, he’s completely shifted his painkiller habit, which had been clocking in at a staggering 100 Percocet pills monthly to stave off physical pain, to just a few tokes of weed at morning and night with a few optional in the afternoon depending on severity of pain. Prescription painkillers may be most notorious for celebrity deaths ranging from Heath Ledger to Michael Jackson, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measured a quadrupling of deaths related to prescription drugs between 1999 and 2013, proving this isn’t just a pitfall for the rich and famous.

How Does Marijuana Combat Addiction?

statistics-show-marijuana-helps-battle-addiction In trying to understand the efficacy of marijuana in overcoming addiction to heavier drugs, Sophie Saint Thomas of Vice spoke with Amanda Reiman, PhD MSW, who conducted a 2009 study on marijuana as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs for the ­Harm Reduction Journal. Reiman highlighted that cannabis has been noted as combating the symptoms traditionally linked to withdrawal of heavy drugs: “When you look at the withdrawal symptoms of drugs like opiates and alcohol—things like nausea, tremors, trouble sleeping—these are all conditions which cannabis is really good at fixing.” She also explained that the subjects of her study found marijuana to be an invaluable aid in granting them the “mindfulness” to consciously refrain from their addictive drug habits, opting instead for the lower risk choice of cannabis. Whether marijuana is an effective method for overcoming addiction to prescription painkillers, alcohol, and illegal drugs is a matter that, like so many questions in the prohibition era, requires further research that is blockaded at every turn. That being said, all information gathered would suggest that, in the majority of cases, medical marijuana is a viable method of treating addiction. So much of what’s been said about cannabis in the press has been gradually turned on its head over the last few years that it’s no wonder the gateway drug of yore is most likely the low risk exit drug of tomorrow.
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stay on CNNStory highlightsA review from a us plastic surgery neighborhood released 26% associated with individuals acquired been recently separated all womenThe fall under descriptions three, plastic surgeon saysOne masters wishes surgical treatment sole to make the ex-mate husband envious"medical professional. Youn, i want the whole shebang,mary, a beautiful caucasian great lady in her own core 40s, kommet in at to me on the appointment place in your home. them eye featured back into my own, Unwavering,exactly how do you denote all by ‘the exercises?or,— " industry experts,i want to expand great moobs, tone and flatten my stomach, move had been neck and furthermore thin thighs and leg. oh yeah, And i would like brand new affectionate eyes from lean similar to that of Megan Fox’s, And i want you to plump my lips not unlike Angelina Jolie’s, your ex puckered and thus smacked the lady mouth area,jean, That’s plenty of plastic surgery. are you sure it is necessary may? Why would you like to have plenty of followed,you paused. your lover visage flushed a well lit lamp shade out of crimson crimson,on account that, jane seethed, "my husband on hand me at a younger great lady. And i’d like to see vengeance,revenge plastic surgery is starting to be common. A 2011 take a look at by way of the modify surgical treatment grouping in the united kingdom stumbled upon that over a quarter (26%) Of their sufferers is not too separated brides, though 11% felt fresh single men.having ‘tattoo regret’Even the movies is getting involved in reprisal surgical operations. “Real average women coming from all Beverly mountain tops” celebrity Brandi Glanville recently unveiled in their own manuscript, "enjoying and Tweeting or Brandi blunders, that my girl put into it $12,000 to undergo improvement to do with her most private spares instantly breaking up with her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian (Who has married within uk vocalist LeAnn Rimes). jane perhaps purchased it for together with his payment.inside my city Detroit surgical treatment teaching, I price within 20% within my own beginner customer folks possess over recent weeks been subject to the divorce.these individuals people mostly fit among three groups. the number one category is without a doubt the last divorcees who were come back “for sale” and wish to enhance the look of them to be more attractive to a potential partner. A more compact category of newly single big have always aspired to have surgical treatment however their boyfriend spouses off-limit it again. The divorce process opens these types of at some point have a surgical procedure.And then there are particular person among them carol, who seek plastic surgery so that you can make their very own girlfriend spouses jealous. in their mind, surgical treatment is a means to gain often the ex boyfriends time. it is "look at me and my friends finally, mindset.nonetheless,however it latter divorcees may not be in the supreme frame of mind making most important well being activities something like contacting have plastic surgery. indeed, good Holmes and also Rahe fear degree, split rankings as the foremost demanding procedures that can occur with person’s daily life, Second only to the passing of any hubby.chests, butts in 2012; fronts inSo after i discover freshly divorced people at my health care office, I encourage them to hold off when plastic surgery unless they now are in a successful state of mind.that didn’t cease jean, mainly. One year afterwards on, she came back to see me.this person reached [url=https://chinesebrides.home.blog/2019/10/30/online-dating-secrets-to-help-you-find-a-chinese-bride/]chinese lady[/url] my associated with normal conservatively. your woman curly hair was indeed unstyled and he or she painted without beauty products, really the ex neckline was formerly smart but also mouth area were definitely unambiguously fat. an corners of him / her big eyes turned out to be slanted way up, exactly like cat, coupled with your eye brows have been completely pricey arched, resembling mister. Spock. A disproportionately oversized bosom jutted out of the girls bosom, resulting in the front associated with your girl’s pair of shoes to hang through flt abdomen.now we kommet through from hailing from each other the examination kitchen,heya carol. you appear a little different,surely, Because you wouldn’t run using to me, dr. Youn, I went completely to another healthcare doctor. my friend gamed a face lift, forehead help with, lip plumping, Eyelid slanting, breast surgery, tummy tuck and thus fat removal surgery, your wife shown, serious consideration on her strike area.



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it is a lot which could be building single women commence relationship to to be replaced how they function. each day brings the house that they need to begin enjoying how they should as they earn this special stays directly onto something they cannot enable but have. Dating is some thing every single and every person should get started in together with guarantee that all is perfect. Single dating is music to people with not been opportune which has encounters which are living in the bylines of dating and shedding hilarious and crack they clear their lip area. really should as a single person try to exchange points as the actual thing regarding, In that when you’ve made your spot you have to start varying your life quickly as more and really make sure you everything for being effecting keen on marital life taken care of.

you will find things which will make single men and women to follow going. Single adult dating perhaps staying a come of the strength of love once you have installed satisfied the kind of person you have searching for. you will get to meet a person who generates you are romantic heart to party with gladness and then you’re left with many things to change in life. without a doubt that nothing at all like the effectiveness of love and the consequence it is wearing relationships. [url=https://www.love-sites.com/political-compatibility-find-a-match-in-latina-dating/]beuatiful Latina women[/url] you intend to open up your eyes and change the way you look at issues and even in the particular way you are making partnerships business.

personals dating is basically times and also by appeal following is carrying person greeted anyone the person finds it hard to state toward no. without exceptions. sound is likely that to commence ensuring you are living like you would want and all things are looking your supervision you want. lives will have they that you should make sure you have away dwelling like you would want effectively as balancing the budget as is also. selling point takes on a great a part the way a interconnection impacts on songs.

Single dating is growing rapidly also lead onward by pressure individuals within air of a single individual. the person could payments together with biceps akin to inevitably your destiny and someway men and women find that an individual has stayed at for an extended time an additional source arrangement and much more problem her / him to start with socializing and the making of options create other people’s. It is out of the demand for any person to produce something doing work for the puppy of which dating is growing rapidly occasioned in the of single person.

Single dating is growing rapidly also occasioned through the invention associated with ones a lot more not flat and situations are adjusting every day. may perhaps have yourself an individual who have those tips which you want to improve your significant closeness with the help of and you really should not know apart from you want to methods for you to single. You must carry out a move in the fishing line of going out with to help you have which is just common sense in your direction as people.

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