Just like "Black Friday" in the non-marijuana related retail world, cannabis retailers are hoping to cash in on holiday shoppers seeking deals after the Thanksgiving holiday. While some in the Marijuana Industry are loosely coining the phrase "Green Friday", as the differentiating factor when comparing discounted marijuana to other typical discounted holiday consumer goods, Denver's Grass Station is sticking to the Black Friday reference as to not alienate potential clientele. “We all want to be taken seriously,” said the Grass Station's manager, Conor Morrison to Bloomberg. “We want to be considered a real industry.” According the Associated Press, the Grass Station intends on offering cannabis at $50 an ounce to the first 16 customers in line at their marijuana business between this coming Friday and Sunday. Cannabis will be sold at roughly a fifth of the cost that it would normally be sold at in order to attract more would-be customers. Despite marketing barriers such as the banning of outside advertising, cannabis companies in Colorado will be offering bargains similar to those of your average Black Friday, so if you happen to be cannabis connoisseur or patient, don't lose your place in line!
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