Marijuana Is Making the Beer Industry Nervous

marijuana-vs-alcoholWith marijuana continuing to gain momentum as a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals and alcohol, beer companies have been keeping a watchful eye on sales as beer industry analysts predict a loss of market share due to marijuana’s increasing popularity and legalization. marijuana-analystAccording to reports from a recent Beer Industry Summit that took place in New Orleans towards the end of last month, investment analysts from the Nomura group mentioned the rapid increase in marijuana sales, detailing the $10.8 billion in annual sales that the industry's expected to capitalize on by 2019. Although overshadowed by the $101 billion in annual sales of the beer industry, analysts at Nomura predict that with the onset of marijuana legalization, beer will lose a percentage of sales to marijuana in the coming years, which may not be the nightmare scenario that skeptics so willingly construct their arguments around, especially when analyzing the vast differences between marijuana vs alcohol in relation to health.
Marijuana Vs Alcohol: Which Is More Dangerous?
Since the end of the alcohol prohibition era in '33 and alcohol's acceptance into legality, the rivalry between marijuana vs alcohol in relation to which is the deadlier vice has often centered around marijuana's enigmatic safety in comparison to alcohol's overwhelming fixation with high death rates. Despite being painted oft as the villain when pitted against its liquid antithesis, no reported deaths have been incurred from simply ingesting cannabis, furthermore,  “**a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to be at risk of dying," in contrast to a typical frat house party night and a keg of booze, where overdose can be highly probable. (**Huffington Post) marijuana-vs-alcohol Alcohol on the other hand, was responsible for **3.3 million deaths in 2012 alone, (**World Health Organization) fanning the flames of conspiracy theories involving elitist plots and depopulation agendas. Pushing the nail even further, alcohol was recently found to be 114 times deadlier than its green counterpart, as concluded by Scientific Reports, drawing more concern as to why alcohol would be made legal in the first place.
The Real Gateway Drug
In spite of marijuana being mislabeled as a dangerous gateway drug, the facts supporting this notion are few and far between.Whether being exposed to Drug Abuse Resistance Education( DARE) in elementary school, or conditioned to believed that one toke from a marijuana joint will cause you to be a homeless, schizophrenic dropout, the fallacies surrounding marijuana use have become the norm in educational institutions around the world. marijuana-gateway-drug Certain U.S. presidential candidates such as Chris Christie, and anti-marijuana groups alike, love to harp on these false dichotomies, despite clear evidence suggesting that alcohol, a legal drug, is more likely to lead to future illicit drug use among adolescents. In a recent study, published last month by the Journal of School Health, researchers from both the University of Florida and Texas A&M, examined the drug behaviors of 2,835 12th graders, determining that alcohol use, not marijuana, was the strongest determinant of future poly drug use.
Munchies Vs. Hangovers
When examining the ongoing social debate between marijuana vs alcohol, one must also consider the side effects of both substances that have been ingrained in the sub-conscience of pop culture. Whether categorized literally as Munchies by Vice's marijuana section of featured content or displayed besides the epic destination when Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, "munchies" are often portrayed as the friendly side effect of marijuana consumption, causing one to eat large quantities of food in a voracious manner. Munchies are rarely seen as a negative side effect unless one is compelled to eat junk food due to weak will power, and is often viewed in a positive light when viewing marijuana from a medical perspective, in allowing cancer patients and others suffering from disease causing poor appetite, a way to increase hunger naturally. marijuana-vs-alcohol In comparison, alcohol's infamous side effects of feeling lightheaded and nauseous after a night of drinking at the local bar, known as "hangovers", are often viewed negatively. Not only are hangover's not fun, but, unlike munchies, can also cause dehydration, liver damage, and higher propensities for DUI's among other unsavory culminations. As the debate between the two substances continues and more scientific research involving marijuana is revealed to the masses, marijuana could soon replace alcohol as the nation's favorite past time vice. Although unlikely to replace alcohol's supremacy anytime soon when comparing its allowance in advertisements at major sporting events, commercials, internet ads, and other mainstream media outlets, marijuana's new revelations should at least spark the question..."why not?"
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