marijuana brain According to a report from Fox News, more than 4,500 retired NFL players have filed suit against the NFL claiming that the league attempted to cover up knowledge concerning the long term neurological damage that can occur from exposure to repetitive concussions. Players have acknowledged that they understood the risk and injury that could result from playing a high contact sport, but did not expect the neurological consequences of and the high rate of dementia that comes with brain damage. In an effort to make a difference in the quality of life of NFL Players in their post careers as well as their current, KannaLife Sciences has teamed up with former NFL defensive lineman, Marvin Washington, to bring awareness to the medical properties of CBD (Cannabidiol). Washington points to the fact that CBD can be used to treat a handful of medical ailments arising from contact sports without being psychoactive, and the NFL should do more to make this a medicine that players can rely on. “Everybody calls football a contact sport -- it's a collision sport. And I know the story right now is domestic violence, but concussions and CTE ... this is not going away, because the players are getting bigger and faster and stronger, and so they need something to protect the head,” Washington said to Fox News. “This is something that players are not going to get high off of or anything like that because it has no psychoactive effects.” In the United States, an oral version of CBD (Cannabidiol) was granted  approval to treat a rare seizure disorder in children. From a scientific perspective, CBD is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids found in cannabis that can be derived from the plant for medical uses. President of KannaLife Sciences and Washington both believe that CBD is the medicine of the future not only the NFL but also the American public. Only time will tell if the medical industry, and the NFL will embrace the power of this rekindled medicine.        
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