medical-marijuana-fda-approved The use of marijuana in medicine is backed by more studies than many drugs that have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Many FDA approved drugs have only had one or two clinical trials that have researched their safety and effectiveness, while medical marijuana has been tested in dozens of peer reviewed studies. In spite of the large amount of scientific evidence that prove the effectiveness of marijuana in treating a wide range of different ailments, it remains classified as a Schedule I controlled substance by the DEA. This classification is reserved for the most dangerous drugs that “have no currently accepted medical use”.

Cannabis regulation is so over the top in the United States that hemp is illegal

The federal regulation of cannabis in the United States is so over the top that you cannot grow hemp legally in many states in the U.S. Hemp is a high growing variety of cannabis that does not contain any THC and produces hemp seeds – a high protein and nutritionally dense food. There are also many other products that can be produced from hemp such as hemp oil, resin, wax, paper, fuel and more. hemp-products Hemp products must be produced in other countries and imported into the United States for those who want to purchase them, simply because of the irrational fear of marijuana and the Controlled Substances Act.

FDA approved drugs are pushed onto the public and have dangerous side effects

Drugs that have been approved by the FDA are often pushed onto the public with very little clinical research and with extensive advertising. Some traditional drugs have harmful or deadly side effects, yet they are extensively advertised and companies are allowed to profit off of them in the billions of dollars per year. FDA approved drugs can have many side effects and some of them can be potentially seriously dangerous. For instance, FDA approved painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin have a high dependency potential and can have fatal interactions with many other drugs including alcohol. Other drugs approved for psychiatric treatments like Ritalin or Abilify can have dozens of side effects, some of them being very serious. Abilify lists “coma or death” as one of its potential side effects. pharma-drugs-vs-marijuana The average drug label has 70 side effects listed, while marijuana’s side effects are very few and mild in comparison. Very little credit is given to the potential for marijuana to work as a legitimate medical treatment by the mainstream medical community. With all of the dangerous side effects and dangers of FDA drugs, it is still unclear why marijuana continues to be demonized as a potential medical treatment on the federal level.
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