Medical Marijuana Patients Say Pot Prices Are Too High

Medical Marijuana Patients Say Pot Prices Are Too High


Medical Marijuana Patients Say Pot Prices Are Too High

Nov 03, 2014
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marijuana-prices According to NBC News, since legalizing medical marijuana no more than 10 weeks ago, Connecticut patients are already dissatisfied with the quality of marijuana in dispensaries. Unlike states like California, Washington, and Colorado that have been in the legal industry for sometime and that have mastered marijuana growing techniques in relation to price, Connecticut dispensaries are in their infancy stage, which many patients are having a hard time dealing with. A marijuana patient who only wanted to be identified as Britney, stated to NBC News when referring to how an average patient feels when walking out of a dispensary that, "the patient just doesn't feel like they're getting what they pay for." Sentiments such as these are causing many patients to look towards the black market of marijuana sales, where product is cheaper and in some cases higher quality. "I know for a fact that my street quality marijuana is considerably, considerably better," said Britney. Despite the negative feedback that some patients are giving to dispensaries in Connecticut, dispensary owners and regulators alike are remaining optimistic in the the newly emerging market. "Operating in this environment has never been done before, and until there's been a year of operation under these strict guidelines, that story has not even half been told," says William Rubenstein, CEO of Theraplant. Rubenstein, thinks that the new regulations and marijuana policies will ultimately help business in the long run, but only time will tell if dispensaries in Connecticut will be able to compete with "street-quality marijuana."
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