Medical Weed Has Enemies in Low Places

Medical Weed Has Enemies in Low Places


Medical Weed Has Enemies in Low Places

Author Bertram Joyner
Sep 08, 2016
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medical-weed-has-enemies-in-low-places The news this week that the American Legion has decided to speak out in favor of marijuana reclassification is turning a few heads, but it should come as no surprise considering all of the proponents in favor of making the miracle plant accessible for those who need it. Expected or not, this is the kind of support that roots federal legalization in feasible reality. Rihanna and Seth Rogen probably aren’t key in opening conservative eyes to the fact that prohibition was built on lies. Likewise, lackluster political candidates who shift their views to the flavor-of-the-week to get votes aren’t the voices that shift the national perspective on medical weed. Don’t get me wrong; every voice counts. But one Sanjay Gupta is probably worth a few Miley Cyruses in changing the minds of that roughly 40% that still aren’t quite on board with federal legalization of cannabis. Of course, in keeping with the fact that approximately 75% of Americans are of the Christian faith, we could always remind them of that theory that Jesus Christ regularly used cannabis oil. But are they actually opposing medical cannabis?

Yes, Jesus Christ Allegedly Used Medical Weed

did-jesus-use-medical-weed-to-heal This shouldn’t be a revelation on any level. The idea has been well-documented in Chris Bennett’s 2001 book Sex, Drugs, and Violence in the Bible as well as through several articles in publications such as High Times and Vice. There’s plenty of wiggle room to the theory so if Christian’s still want to believe that cannabis really is the devil weed, nothing’s really stopping them. However, a 2013 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute revealed that 54% of adult Christians aged 18 – 29 favored marijuana legalization while a still-impressive 45% of Christians aged 50 – 64 were likewise in favor. In fact, trying to find concerted Christian efforts against marijuana legalization turns up just as many satires (such as the Facebook page Christians Against Marijuana) and stories of pro-legalization pastors as they do legitimate Christian-authored propaganda against weed.

Transparent Desperation from the Alcohol Industry

So, if it’s not devout Christians that are railing against medical weed, who’s funding these anti-legalization campaigns we hear about whenever marijuana legalization makes the ballot in a state? According to WikiLeaks, the alcohol industry definitely has a hand in it. Um, surprise, I guess? It wasn’t really as covert as a lot of the other schemes brought to light in the leaked DNC emails but when has the alcohol industry ever been subtle? Their ads feature magic beer bottles that summon bikini clad nymphs with supernatural attractions to beer guts. Of course, they probably skipped the swimming pools and G-strings when the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America published their ad in the May 2016 edition of industry insider newsletter POLITICO Huddle. Instead, they opted for that tact they’re so known for, beginning their statement with “While neutral on this issue of legalization, WSWA believes states that legalize marijuana need to ensure appropriate and effective regulations are enacted to protect the public from the dangers associated with the abuse and misuse of marijuana.” Why, thanks for pointing that out, concerned albeit neutral citizen! alcohol-industry-targets-marijuana-with-ad-in-politico The ad goes on to recommend that Congress pay extra special attention to the portion of the FAST Act that would monitor marijuana intoxication in drivers. I guess they figured we already know drunk drivers are killing people on the regular so we may as well figure out if marijuana smokers are doing anywhere near the same kind of damage behind the wheel? Of course, driver responsibility with any intoxicating substance is an important matter. But the alcohol industry isn’t the pot calling the kettle black here. They’re a black hole, drunkenly driving a black F-150, with severely tinted windows and black rims, blasting Metallica’s Black Album as they hurdle down a blackened road at midnight on a moonless night calling a gray kettle black.

Pharmaceutical Phreak Out

But hey, that’s the alcohol industry. Does anyone really expect more from them? Of course, misery loves company so they’re joined by an industry who’ve made quite the profit from making people miserable; Big Pharma. We’re not the only blog to speculate whether Hillary Clinton’s sudden vow to reschedule marijuana is really just a means of propping open the back door for a Big Pharma takeover of the medical weed industry. But the pharmaceutical companies seem like the type to hedge their bets and we may be seeing evidence of this in the recent $800,000.00 donation from Publix heiress Carl Jenkins Barnett to a conservative anti-marijuana initiative in Florida. If you’re not familiar with Publix, it’s a rather successful grocery chain favoring southern states. While I’ll admit, a Publix sub sandwich is damn good, it doesn’t quite make up for denying ailing patients their medicine. The irony is that Jenkins Barnett is herself suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s, a condition that has recently been shown to improve with medical marijuana treatment. pharmaceutical-companies-fund-organizations-against-medical-weed So why is she burning her own bridge? Chances are that she’s suffering from a heaping helping of ignorance and a lifetime of propaganda stemming from the early days of prohibition. But it could also have something to do with Publix pharmacies, slinging prescriptions to the South for decades. In fact, Publix is one of the most popular places to fill a prescription in the south. I wonder if this has anything to do with the $500,000.00 check Jenkins Barnett wrote to Drug Free Florida in 2014? Now, I’m not suggesting that Jenkins Barnett speaks for Big Pharma or even represents close to the actual full scope of effort that Big Pharma is putting into stopping legalization (or at least controlling it on their terms). But the Publix heiress may very well be holding a mirror to the mind of the pharmaceutical industry. I could go on about police unions and the recently-weakened private prison industry, but you already get the picture: the enemy of medical weed legalization is not the common man. You’ve got over half the country demanding legalization, less than half still caught up in webs of lies spun by immensely powerful industries, and the DEA with their classifications hanging on like a bad habit. Marijuana legalization is on the horizon but it will likely be up to the common man to break the spell woven by decades of deceit. Fortunately, it seems a kiss from the lips of Mary Jane herself has woken us from our sleeping curse.
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