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Meet Two Floridians Who Receive Free Marijuana For Life

Meet Two Floridians Who Receive Free Marijuana For Life
free-marijuana-for-lifeDespite amendment 2 falling flat on it's face with voters in 2014, a measure which would have granted medical marijuana use acceptable under Florida state law for patients with certain debilitating illnesses, two lucky medical marijuana patients continue to receive more than their "pot sized" share of organic medicine, and believe it or not, they've been doing it for decades under government approval. free-marijuana-for-life So, who's their dealer you may ask? "Uncle Sam is my supplier", said a 72 year old woman in a recent interview with Fox News. Contradictory to federal law, Elvy Musikka and Irvin Rosenfeld have been getting free marijuana from the federal government for over 30 years. Although Elvy uses the herb to decrease her symptoms of glaucoma, and Irvin uses it to treat a rare bone tumor disorder, both agree that federal prohibition of marijuana, especially for medical purposes of all things, is hypocritical beyond reason. "It's the epitome of hypocrisy and stupidity," added Musikka, who's received over 100,000 free joints from the government, since her diagnosis. According to Musikka, she's been prescribed 10 joints a day as treatment, which equates to 300 joints a month, all at the expense of Uncle Sam and tax payers like you and me.

The Federal Government's Dirty Secret

For those of us not in the know, the feds have always had their hands on cannabis, conducting their own private research on the medicinal properties of the plant, as their own medical authority, with no 3rd party supervision, or alternative medical authority oversight, since the 60's during the Jim Crow era. free-marijuana-program Since any "official" medical research regarding marijuana in the states can't legally be conducted without big brother's approval, any alternative research conducted on the plant, is automatically deemed "unofficial". Although government officials claim that medical marijuana has little to no medical benefits, they've continued to upgrade their orders of it exponentially over the years for the sake of "research", increasing their orders of it by nearly 30 times the original amount last year alone, while continuing to keep marijuana on the deadly list of schedule 1 narcotics. Recently, the head of the DEA even went as far as to claim that medical marijuana is a joke, despite the federal government renewing a $68 million dollar contract with the University of Mississippi needed for growing over 1500 pounds of it, with, you guessed it, taxpayer dollars.

How Did They Get Free Marijuana?

Thanks to a government program launched in 1978 known as the Compassionate Investigation New Drug Program, Musikka and Rosenfeld were able to take advantage of one of the biggest individual loopholes in American history. However, due to fierce non-disclosure by top government authorities, it's uncertain how many patients, besides the two, are still currently on the program, or any other pertinent information regarding it's conclusion.  free-marijuana-for-life "The United States federal government has been supplying me 10 marijuana cigarettes per day, in the same vein, arresting people for possession or using the same substance that they give me for medical use." -Irvin Rosenfeld To this day, Rosenfeld, who has received over 135,000 joints from the government since 1982, still questions the absurdity of locking people up for a plant. Working as a stock broker by day in Fort Lauderdale, Rosenfeld adds yet another dimension to the marijuana debate and the future of medical cannabis as a legitimate alternative medicine, which it already is apparently.

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It’s sad seeing medical marijuana is caught in the fight with recreational use. I can’t wait for the day it’s legalized everywhere so it can help everyone.

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