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Microdosing Helps Marijuana Consumers Find the Perfect Prescription


Microdosing Helps Marijuana Consumers Find the Perfect Prescription

Oct 19, 2016
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microdosing-helps-marijuana-consumers-find-the-perfect-prescription Stoner stereotypes would have you believe that a love of weed lends to a self-indulgent lifestyle. Of course, these stereotypes seem to be perpetuated by people who have never touched a joint. But a new trend in marijuana use is bucking this image in favor of a “less is more” approach. It’s called microdosing and it’s allowing users (for both therapeutic and recreational reasons) a risk-free means of getting acquainted with edibles.

The Challenge of Recognizing One’s Limits

waka-flocka-flame-tries-to-eat-too-many-edibles Highlighted at last weekend’s New West Summit in San Francisco, microdosing usually involves edible weed with a dosage of somewhere between 5 and 10 milligrams of THC. While this is an almost indiscernible amount to the seasoned dabber, it’s often perfect for new patients and even novice recreational users. Many of us know the pain of biting off more than we can chew with edibles. Years ago, a group of my friends and I were partaking of some particularly strong pot brownies. This was actually my first time with edibles so I was a bit wary and settled on one very small brownie to start. Fortunately, this seemed to be the perfect dosage for me. Several of my friends however knocked back the brownies as if they were nothing. They were actually still discussing a run to the liquor store when the edibles kicked in. With my one pot brownie, I was pretty much in that state where I had the memory of a goldfish and found life absurdly hilarious and magical. My friends, on the other hand, were pretty much incapacitated by the dosage they’d consumed. The brownie I had wasn’t a microdose by any stretch of the imagination but it was conservative enough to not send my Saturday night into oblivion.

Trying to Find the Right Dose on Your Own

Microdosing obviously isn’t for everyone but just as there are those who prefer a glass of wine over a jaeger bomb blitz, there are those who want a light high as opposed to couch locked purgatory. In some cases, users don’t want the psychoactive high at all but would rather conservatively access the herb’s medicinal benefits. Some patients in search of the microdose try to mete out the weed themselves, rigidly limiting themselves to one toke instead of helping themselves to a whole bowl. This method typically requires a fair amount of experimentation to find that sweet spot, especially for those who are trying to bypass the high altogether yet still have medical ailments they are trying to treat. Throw in all of the possible reactions to different strains and it can be a challenge to say the least.

Microdosing with Dispensary-Bought Edibles

kiva-designed-edibles-for-microdosing The type of microdosing discussed at the New West Summit is a bit more scientific in the sense that the milligrams of THC are pre-measured in dispensary-bought edibles. Kiva Confections, a company providing such products to the California area, was on hand at this year’s conference presenting their Kiva Terra Bites. These marijuana edibles feature espresso beans and dried blueberries coated in THC-infused chocolate. One of these tiny edibles packs a mere 5 milligrams of THC, apt for the consumer aiming to microdose. Headlines were made recently by Silicone Valley professionals who were microdosing with LSD and psilocybin to promote clarity of thought, reduce stress, and even fight depression. Obviously, there’s a gap of extremity between a microdose of LSD and a microdose of cannabis. But this still falls into the same philosophy that taking less of psychoactive substance can calm the noise and distractions associated with the high and get one closer to the pure benefits. When it comes to marijuana, people are going to want to get high; that’s not in dispute. Microdosing just puts more control in the users’ hands to find that perfect prescription.
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