In March of this year, a woman named Angela traveled to Colorado in order to pick up a bottle of cannabis oil so that she could ease the chronic pain that her 15 year old son (Trey) had been having for the past three years. Since a severe line-drive to the head baseball incident in 2011, Trey had been afflicted with uncontrollable pain and heavy bleeding on the interior of his brain. I feel "like my brain is about to blow up, cause there is too much pressure," said Trey when describing his condition to CBS News. After researching the benefits of medical marijuana, Angela decided that cannabis oil from Colorado would be her best bet in dealing with her son's intense pain. After taking the necessary steps to get the drug out of state in Colorado, Angela received backlash from teachers in her Minnesota state, that noticed sudden improvement in Trey's condition. Now Angela faces a $6,000 fine and up to two years in prison since medical marijuana does not take affect in the state until next year. Unfortunately for Angela and her son, they can't wait that long. For more information:
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