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New Smart Phone App for Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles

new-marijuana-app A new smart phone app called Nestdrop is offering medical marijuana patients in Los Angeles an alternative for how they can buy their marijuana. The app would allow patients to buy marijuana directly over their smart phone device. Although similar services such as these have become all too common in legalized states such as Colorado and Washington, Nestdrop will be a service meant for patients specifically in the greater  Los Angeles area, and will be applicable for all people with legal documentation to legally consume marijuana. Co-founder Michael Pycher, says that Nestdrop will be the first app to do this, even though there have been other apps in other states that do the same thing. Dispensaries such as Compassion Union Dispensary's, Paizley Bradbury, doesn't think the new app will bring competition since most people still prefer to come into dispensaries to get their cannabis.  
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Roby - December 7, 2018

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