This past week, the New York Police Department ordered it's narcotics unit to stop it's undercover marijuana policing policies that have been disproportionately targeting blacks and Latinos, who made up 86% of their lower tiered pot busts for the year. The undercover strategy known as "buy-and bust" is when an officer, dressed in civilian clothing, would approach suspected drug dealers in an attempt to find marijuana and illegal guns. “We have to focus on controlled substances,’’ said Chief of Narcotics  Brian McCarthy to the  New York Post. “There’s a pill and heroin problem in the city, and we have to focus on that. The powers that be don’t want to see any more of these [pot] arrests … This is all about arresting minorities, and this is just one way to arrest less minorities.” Some in the state such as president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, Ed Mullins, think that loosening the grip on non-violent marijuana related crimes will somehow lead to the breakdown of society. “If the current practice of making arrests for both possession and sale of marijuana is, in fact, abandoned, then this is clearly the beginning of the breakdown of a civilized society,” said Mullins to the New York Post. These sentiments come in the wake of marijuana legalization in states such as Colorado that have actually seen reductions in crime rates across the board since legalizing. For more information:  
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