oregon-marijuana-legalization As Oregon marijuana legalization kicks off this week in the Beaver state, an unexpected situation has caused marijuana entrepreneurs and advocates alike, to give away free weed, giving a newly justified meaning to the expression, sharing is caring.
Oregon Marijuana Legalization Goes Into Effect July 1st
Starting on July 1st, adults in Oregon over the age of 21, will now be able to legally possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana in their homes, as well as 1 ounce outside, and can grow up to 4 plants within the confines of their residences, out of public view. There's a catch however. Applications for retail marijuana stores and big-scale growing operations aren't being accepted until fall of 2016, meaning that for a short while, people won't be able to buy it or sell it legally. As stated explicitly on What's Legal Oregon, a website dedicated to breaking down the newly defined Oregon marijuana laws,  residents over the age of 21 can only share or give away recreational marijuana, until licensed retail shops begin operation in the fall of next year.
The Solution is Free Weed For All!
To combat this unforeseen dilemma, marijuana advocates and aspiring marijuana dispensary owners have taken to the tactic of giving away free weed samples. As reported by the Oregonian, the Portland chapter of NORML (National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws), plans on celebrating this monumental event in style. In case you're interested, the group plans on meeting tonight, Tuesday, June 30th at 11:30pm on the west side of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, for a midnight toke session and giveaway for adults over the age of 21. According to a spokesperson from NORML, the group plans on giving away "thousands of seeds" on top of "hundreds of pounds of marijuana" in hopes of keeping Washington State and their black market at bay from potential business during Oregon's transition into marijuana legality.
More Free Weed Throughout the Opening Week
Another event called, Weed the People, will also be taking place this week, where attendees will be encouraged to grab as much as 7 grams of Oregon grown cannabis, on a first come first serve basis. The event is scheduled to take place this Friday, July 3, in North Portland, at the MCF Craft Brewing Systems building. Although tickets aren't free ($40 per person), the copious amounts of marijuana are! Along with the free weed, attendees can enjoy mingling with leading vendors and checking out new smoking paraphernalia, such as the latest vape pens and vaporizers.
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