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Rhode Island Set to Open Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Rhode Island Set to Open Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary
In a recent report from the Brown Daily Herald, the Summit Medical Compassion Center has been granted the third and final medical marijuana dispensary operational permit, for registered patients in Rhode Island. Even though plans were expected to have the dispensary open on Monday (11/10/14), the date of opening has been postponed, estimated at the end of next week. Despite approving a medical marijuana law in 2006, Rhode Island medical marijuana dispensaries have been heavily burdened with delays and setbacks that have resulted in the first medical marijuana dispensary being opened in April of 2013, by the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center. Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center was next to follow suit roughly six weeks after the first dispensary in the state opened, and according to dispensary owner and CEO Seth Bock, it was not a smooth ride to the top. “There were all sorts of setbacks, and it took us four years to do it, but since we’ve been open it has been smooth sailing,” said Bock to the Brown Daily Herald. Midst legal challenges and stances from anti-marijuana advocates, medical marijuana in Rhode Island is finally being given an opportunity to show how it can affect patient's lives. Pro advocates such as Traci Green, assistant professor of emergency medicine and epidemiology, are taking a realistic approach in defining how marijuana will change the medical landscape in Rhode Island, and how to counter claims that marijuana effects people adversely. "There is plenty of science that says young minds are negatively affected by marijuana, but also that there are great benefits for minds and bodies with chronic diseases and pain.”    

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