Especially during Halloween, parents are on a full guard against potentially harmful substances that could be laced in Halloween candy. However, how justified those claims should be towards candy packaging laced with marijuana, remains a rarity. The only ever reported incident of marijuana being laced in candy packaging during Halloween is in a 2000 incident that occurred in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: "The treats were the product of a failed and undetected attempt to mail 5 ounces of marijuana to someone in San Francisco," said the Police Chief on the scene of the incident. "Somebody tried to mail it and it didn't have enough postage or the address was wrong," said the Chief. A postal worker then took the bag home with him and would have distributed them to his neighbors if he hadn't noticed them first. Apparently even if the Snicker Bar packages containing the marijuana would have been opened by a child, the fact that the marijuana was still in it's flower form, would have given a red flag to anyone opening it, since it wasn't candy. Concerns of this nature are echoing true in Colorado this year as well, where dispensaries and state officials alike are warning parents about the dangers of marijuana laced candy edibles. Parents and dispensaries in Colorado are now offering a marijuana kit which will be able to detect marijuana laced candy products, just in time for this year's Halloween. For More Information:
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