The Week in Cannabis: Coca-Cola Bows Out, Thailand Jumps In and States Vote for the Future

The Week in Cannabis: Coca-Cola Bows Out, Thailand Jumps In and States Vote for the Future

Entire Cannabis Industry Wins with Lawsuit Verdict in Favor of Colorado Grower

A long-brewing lawsuit that carried heavy implications for the cannabis industry as a whole came to a head this week when a federal judge ruled in favor of defendant Canna Craft Grow House. The cannabis grower was being sued by Meadows Legacy Horse Ranch, situated a quarter mile from the growery. They claimed that strong odors drifting from the growery were infringing on their rights and devaluing their property. While this may seem like a neighborly dispute at face value, the owners of the Colorado horse ranch were allowed to proceed with the lawsuit with regulations based in the RICO Act, tying the cannabis industry to racketeering. It was an oddly close call for the industry as a whole, since a win for the horse ranch threatened to open a Pandora’s box of similar lawsuits aimed at other cannabis industry businesses.

Will Thailand Be the First Asian Country to Legalize Medical Cannabis?

While several Asian countries have used Canada’s legalization as a chance to caution (or threaten) its countrymen against the use of cannabis at home or abroad, Thailand came out this week trumpeting its intent to legalize. Though they’ve set their sets on medical use only, Thailand is the first Asian country to express interest in the legal use of cannabis for any means… at least in recent years. Thailand actually had a long history of using cannabis medicinally until the herb was outlawed in 1979 under the Narcotic Drugs Act. However, the tide seems to be changing as Jet Sirathraanon, the chairman of the country’s National Legislative Assembly, boldly proclaimed, “Thailand has the best marijuana in the world”, citing unique growing conditions in the Golden Triangle. Hopefully, Thailand gets a chance to back up those claims soon.

Coca-Cola CBD Drinks Aren’t Coming Anytime Soon

Meanwhile, The Coca-Cola Company is pumping the brakes on adding cannabis-based ingredients to beverages in the near future. Though it was reported at the end of September that Coca-Cola were exploring interests in cannabis beverages, CEO James Quincey clarified this week that the company has no plans to pursue these interests until science catches up with legalization and ingredients pulled from the herb are deemed safe for consumption. Until Quincey’s statement, it was thought that Coca-Cola were exploring the idea of adding CBD to certain beverages.

The First Cannabis-Based Medication to Get FDA Approval

Though we’re still awaiting the federal government to get with the program when it comes to naturally-occurring cannabis, the FDA made history this week by approving a cannabis-based drug for sale in all 50 U.S. states. Epidiolex is an orally administered medication designed to treat certain types of epilepsy in patients age 2-years and older. Of course, the genuine article is probably a safer bet, but for patients in the hold-out states that have yet to legalize medical use cannabis, this may be the closest they get to relief for the time being.

Cannabis Ballots in North Dakota, Michigan, Utah and Missouri

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Michigan and North Dakota will be voting on recreational cannabis legalization on Tuesday. North Dakota stands to pass one of the most liberal cannabis legalization programs yet with adults having full reign to grow and possess as much cannabis as their hearts desire. Michigan’s cannabis legalization program would involve much more state regulation. Meanwhile, conservative states Utah and Missouri will vote on whether to legalize medical cannabis, joining over half of the country.

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