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The Week in Cannabis: Legalization, More Legalization and Black Friday Goes Green

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The Week in Cannabis: Legalization, More Legalization and Black Friday Goes Green

Nov 23, 2018
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Massachusetts Recreational Sales Have Officially Begun

Massachusetts recreational cannabis sales are go. Currently, New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Northampton and Cultivate Holdings in Leicester are the two spots that are selling, with the mayor of Northampton being one of the first customers. Mayor David Narkewicz clarified that his purchase was a purely symbolic gesture to honor the historic moment in Massachusetts history. Both of the first recreational cannabis customers in Massachusetts were Army veterans.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Changes His Tune on Cannabis Legalization

rep joe kennedy III hasnt abandoned his views on cannabis but is now open to legalization
Meanwhile, Congressman and outspoken cannabis critic Rep. Joe Kennedy III seems to be easing his stance against marijuana, publishing an op-ed in The Boston Globe entitled “It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana at the Federal Level.” While he doesn’t exactly reverse his somewhat antiquated ideas on addiction and teen use, he acknowledges that current federal laws perpetuate racially disproportionate arrests and create unnecessary barriers between patients and a therapy that actually seems to work.

Is New Jersey Next to Legalize?

New Jersey could be riding their own green wave as The Garden State prepares to vote on recreational cannabis legalization, an expansion to their medical cannabis program and a bill that would speed up the process of expunging low level cannabis-related sentences. The adult use measure also includes language about cannabis delivery services and social consumption sites. Many are hopeful that if New Jersey passes a well-received recreational cannabis program, it will create a ripple effect seeing other East Coast states following suit. However, if New Jersey recreational marijuana passes, there will be a long road of regulation to navigate.

Black Friday Gets a Bit Greener

dispensaries havent quite hit the full black friday mania
Green Friday obviously hasn’t been around as long as Black Friday but it’s also not exactly a new concept. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the same basic premise as Black Friday but applied to cannabis dispensaries. There is some tug-of-war happening with the term as those outside the cannabis industry apply it to sustainable gifts and eco-friendly shopping. But many shoppers in legal states this year are expected to make a trip to the dispensary as part of their Friday shopping to take advantage of the deals in what has been touted as the biggest Green Friday ever. This will be California’s first Green Friday since recreational sales became legal, not to mention the first year that Canada’s national recreational sales will be a factor. And, yes, Black Friday happens in Canada too.
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