WHAT IS 710 When it comes to cannabis, many slang terms have developed over the years. Pot, weed, Maryjane and dope are just a few of the names that have become synonymous with the plant. A more recent term actually snowballed into becoming the name of marijuana's unofficial national holiday. The term “420” morphed itself into a marijuana celebration that happens every April 20th. The origins of the term are mythic and no one knows for sure how it developed though it likely sprouted from a code used by a group of friends known as The Waldos. As marijuana continues to grow in popularity, so do its methods of use. Over the years, several kinds of ways have been developed for enjoying the plant including smoking, vaping, eating, drinking, dabbing and using tinctures, oils and even pills. So if 420 is an umbrella term used by the cannabis community, what is 710? Concentrates have taken off recently as part of the expanding marijuana world and, as such, a new term has emerged. The number “710” has risen from the vapor, marking not only the use of a brand new term but also the latest marijuana related holiday.

710 Upside Down

710 is a holiday that celebrates the concentrate side of cannabis
710 is being used as the unofficial holiday of marijuana concentrates. There's not much mystery in the origins of the slang. 710 looks like the word “OIL” upside down. Since concentrates so often come in oil form, it’s a rather simple line of dots to connect it to its corresponding holiday celebrated on, of course, July 10th. Concentrates keep growing in popularity and there are a host of varieties now. Hash may have been the first popularly acknowledged concentrate but now you can also get oil, budder, wax, shatter, crumble and dabs. Many of these varieties of concentrates can be dabbed which is the way most enthusiasts choose to celebrate the 710 holiday. The high from concentrates is often clean and strong, allowing users to experience the full range of flavor and effects from their flower.

Flavorful Bursts of Terpenes

There are many compounds in marijuana, the most popular ones being THC, which gives you the euphoric psychoactive effects of the plant, and CBD, which is a relaxant and a strong pain reliever. On top of this, cannabis is loaded with terpenes which are the compound that make up the flavor and smell of plants and flowers. There are myriad varieties of terpenes, from citrusy terpenes that are uplifting and energizing as well as terpenes in the same family as lavender which are soothing and relaxing. Concentrates contain the highest possible amounts of terpenes and compounds. They are literally just a concentrated marijuana product and therefore extremely potent.

Vaping Concentrates Versus Combustion of Flower

since oils are vaped instead of combusted flavorful terpenes are preserved
When marijuana combusts or is overheated for the purposes of smoking, some of the compounds and terpenes combust as well, destroying some of the flavor and the potency of the plant. It's for this reason that many people enjoy vaping or dabbing which heats the concentrate enough to create a vapor rather than a smoke. The vapor contains all the powerful compounds and terpenes that you want both medicinally and recreationally. It allows you to experience the full flavor and effects of the specific strain you are consuming. On top of this, there are none of the harmful toxins created by smoke being inhaled. The result is a cleaner, more potent and often more enjoyable experience. These are just a few of the reasons that people felt concentrates deserved their own 710 holiday independent of the annual 420 celebration. With the popularity of concentrates rising in retail markets due to their convenience, potency, and flavor, we may even see 710 eclipse 420 someday. So the next time a curious comrade asks you what is 710, you can explain that it's an opportunity to celebrate a recreational activity as a community. And that’s the kind of opportunity worth embracing.

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